KIN Quiz 5

  1. define body awareness
    what the body can do
  2. define general space
    • total space used by all
    • small and large movements
  3. define personal space
    • small area reserved for one person
    • ex: jumprope locomotion
  4. define levels
    • relationship of body to the floor
    • ex: lowering body to slow down when running
  5. name the three types of planes
    • frontal
    • transverse
    • sagittal
  6. which plane is for jumping jacks?
  7. which plane is for sit-ups?
  8. which plane is for twisting exercises?
  9. define flexion
    closing of a joint
  10. define extension
    opening of a joint
  11. define adduction
    adding to the body
  12. define abduction
    going away from the body
  13. what are the two types of rotation?
    • internal
    • external
  14. children need to learn how to control ____ as it affects ______
    • (1) speed
    • (2) movement
  15. what two things do children need to learn about force?
    • (1) how to apply it
    • (2) how to absorb it
    • ex: extending the stop length/running full force into wall or falling example
  16. what are fundamental motor skills?
    • anything ending with -ing pretty much
    • ex: walking, running, jogging, skipping, bending, etc.
  17. Which skills are those used to transport the body from one place to another?
  18. Which skills are performed without transporting? example?
    • NONlocomotor
    • ex: lifting a weight
  19. Name some manipulative skills examples
    • Using eye-hand coordination to throw, strike, kick, squeeze, bounce (etc.) an object
    • Racquet sports, football, soccer, boxing…
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