Paramedic school

  1. What is tort law
    Civil wrong committed against another
  2. 3 different stages of stress
    • Alarm
    • Resistance
    • Exhaustion
  3. What is the  KKK-A
    Federal specifications for Ambulances
  4. What act was established in 1966 (DOT)
    • National Highway Safety
    • through Department of Transportation
  5. What is the differance between QI/QA
    • QA- a program designed to maintain continuous monitering and measurement of the quality of care given
    • QI- Program designed to refine and improve EMS systems, emphaizing customer service
  6. What is the difference between Certification and Licensure
    • Certification- The process by which and agency or association grants recognition to an individual that has met its qualifcations (met minimum standards)
    • Licensure- Governmental agency grants permission to engage in a given trade or profession to an applicant who has attained the degree of competencey required. 
  7. What is Reciprocity
    The process by which an agency grants automatic certification or licensure to a person who has comparable cert or licensure from another agency
  8. What is the difference between Slander/Libel
    Slander- injuring someone's name,character or reputation by false statements (Spoken) 

    Libel- Injuring someones name by false statements made in writting or mass media. (Written word)
  9. Rules of Evidence Guidelines
    • There must be theorectical basis for the change
    • Ample reseach
    • Must be clinically imprtant
    • Must be practical,affordable,and teachable
  10. What are some proper lifting techniques
    • Move a load only if you can safely handle it
    • Position load close to the body
    • Keep palms up whenever possible
    • always avoid twisting and turning
  11. Name 3 ways to test ethics
    • Impartiality test-ask weather you would be willing to undergo this procedure if you were in patients place
    • Universalizablitiy test- whether you would want this action preformed in all relevant similar circumstances
    • Interpersonal justifiability test- can you defend or justify your actions to others
  12. What is Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance
    • Malfeasance- the preformance of a wrongful or unlawful act by a care provider
    • Misfeasance-The preformance of legal act in a mannor that is harmful
    • Nonfeasance- is the failure to preform a requird act or duty
  13. Name 4 elements to Negligence
    • Duty to act
    • Breach of duty
    • Actual damages
    • proximate cause
  14. What are that diffent consents. explain what they are
    • Informed- consent for treament based full disclosure. explain
    • Nature of illness
    • recommented treatments
    • Risk,danger and benfits of treatments
    • Alternative treatments
    • Dangers of refusing care
    • Implied-presumed for a pt that who is mentally, physically, or emotionally unable to.
  15. What is abandonment
    Termination of care without assuring care at the same level of care or higher
  16. What age level has the highest stress
    Middle adulthood
  17. Actions to take when a Patient wants to refuse (9 rules)
    • Be sure the pt is legally permitted to refuse
    • Make multiple and sincere attempt tp convince the pt to accept care
    • Enlist the help of friends and family
    • Make sure the pt is fully informed about implications and risks
    • Consult with on-line medical control
    • Have pt and disintrested witness(police officer) sign
    • Advise pt that they may call again
    • Attempt to get pt's family or friends to stay with pt
    • Document the entire situation throughly
  18. Differance between Assault and Battery
    • Assault- Making statments that you are going to dom something harmful to the pt
    • Battery- The act of touching someone ti cause harm
  19. What is scaffolding
    Teaching or learning techniquie in which one builds on what they already learned
  20. What are 3 traps EMS providers fall into
    • Providing false assurances
    • Giving advice
    • Authority
  21. What is social distance
    4-12 feet
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