Chapter 8

  1. The convergence of different storytelling tools all in service of a single story
    Multimedia reporting
  2. Delivering a story through multiple channels
    Multichannel distribution
  3. Reporting a story twice in different media formats
    Parallel reporting
  4. We do this to ensure that only one subject is depicted in a picture
  5. What should you always do first when editing a photo?
    Save the original version
  6. When resizing a photo, what should you never do?
    Attempt to make your photo larger than the original
  7. What is the resolution for online photos?
    72 pixels per inch
  8. What are four principles of ethical photo editing?
    • 1. Do not manipulate a photo
    • 2. Do not use photos taken by other people
    • 3. Do not remove things from a photo
    • 4. Do not add things to a photo
  9. What are five tips for recording news audio?
    • 1. Run a sound check before you begin
    • 2. Reduce the background noise
    • 3. Hold the microphone carefully
    • 4. Don't interrupt
    • 5. Take notes and record timestamps
  10. What is the best distance the microphone should be from the subject's mouth?
    5 or 6 inches, slightly off center
  11. How long should a sound bite be?
    Very short (5 to 15 seconds)
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