Question of Faith

  1. Religious Belief
    • what we believe to be true about God and our relationship with God
    • eg There is only one God
  2. Religious Practice
    • the system of behaviour and set of activities people use to express their belief in God
    • eg pilgrimage, prayer, way of life
  3. Reflection
    • inner personal thought
    • focusing on or searching for something meaningful in a sacred text, in events of life or in the world of nature
    • eg the birth of a baby, the death of a relative
  4. Question
    • to argue about things that are uncertain or debatable
    • eg Why am I here?
  5. Meaning
    • things or relationships that make life worthwhile, that bring satisfaction, and that make sense of life
    • eg friendship, family, work, a relationship with God, money
  6. Search
    to look for, to seek out, to enquire or ask, in order to find meaning or answers
  7. Awe and Wonder
    • emotion combining amazement and reverence, inspired by deep significant experience
    • eg baby Isabella
  8. Meaningless
    when life is not worthwhile, and you can find no reason to suffer your present difficulties
  9. Humanism
    • looks to life, not religion, as a source of meaning
    • to base one's beliefs on factual evidence and scientific ways of enquiry only
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Question of Faith
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