Chm1033L Module 7 acids, bases & buffers

  1. Acid
    a compound which releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water (has a lower pH than 7)
  2. Base
    2 definitions:

    • 1) an ionic compound that contains OH- ions
    • 2) a covalent compound that can react with an acid
  3. Buffer
    Solutions which are designed to resist changes in pH
  4. pH
    a specific kind of measurement of the amount of hydrogen ions in a dilute aqueous solution
  5. Neutralization reaction
    the reaction between an acid and a base producing an ionic salt and water
  6. Blue litmus paper
    Turns red in the presence of an acid
  7. Red litmus paper
    turns blue in the presence of a base
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Chm1033L Module 7 acids, bases & buffers
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