Ch.13 Test

  1. the manual containing codes used in reporting medical services and procedures performed and supplies used by healthcare providers in the care and treatment of patents is the:

    C. CPT-4
  2. CPT codes were developed by:

    C. The AMA
  3. The CPT Manuel is published by:

    D. The AMA
  4. A new CPT manual is published:

    D. Annually
  5. The first CPT was developed and published in:

    D. 1966
  6. The 5-digit coding system replaced the 4-digit system in the CPT edition published in:

    B. 1970
  7. The main body of the CPT manual is organized in:

    D. 6 sections
  8. the 5 digit CPT coddes may be defined further by 2 additional digits to help explain an unusual circumstance associated with a service or procedure, which the called:

    C. Modifiers
  9. As with the ICD-9-CM, the CPT index is organized by:

    A. Main terms
  10. A main term can stand alone, or it can be followed by up to______ modifying terms.

    B. Three
  11. To help determine the appropriateness and medical necessity of a service or procedure, a ______ should accompany the claim.

    C. Special report
  12. The narrative describing a procedure/service that contains the full descripition of the description of the procedure without aditional explanation is referrred to as an:

    C. stand-alone code
  13. Procedures that do not contain the entie written description and refer back to the commom portion of the procedure listed in the preceding entry are coded with an:

    A. Indented code
  14. Cpt uses _____ to separate main and subordinaate clauses in the code descriptions.

    B. A semicolon
  15. The reason the patient is seeing the physician usually stated in the patients own words is referred to as the:

    A. Cheif complaint
  16. The seris of questions the provider asks the patient to identify what body parts or body systems are involved is referred to as the:

    C. Review of systems(ROS)
  17. the amount of time the physician spends on bedside care of the hospitalized patient
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