BIO Stat Wk 8

  1. Physical Blocks
    Spatial or temporal subdivisions within an experiment
  2. Within-block factor
    For an experiment that includes physical blocks, a within-block factor is a factor for which all levels are represented within each block, such that the factor is crossed with "block"
  3. Randomized complete block design
    This is an experimental design with physical blocks, a single within-block factor, and no replication for each factor-block combination. Experimental units must be completely randomized within each block.
  4. Q25) Identify Five different tratefies for increasing the statistical power of an ANOVA.
    • 1. Increase sample size
    • 2. Eliminate as many confounding variable as possible
    • 3. Re-randomize frequently over spatial domain
    • 4. Include a confounding variable as a blocking variable
    • 5. Balanced design
  5. Q26) What is the proper analysis for a randomized complete block design
    A mixed-model two-way design with no replication within groups
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