ethics quiz 6

  1. Augustine on the relationship between believing in god and doing the right thing
    you cant be good without believing in God because you cant decide by yourself what the right thing to do is and how to do it
  2. determinism
    the view that all of our actions are not free (we have no free will)
  3. religious determinism
    foreknowledge=creator(watch maker)
  4. scientific determinism
    behavorism=conditioning enviroment which leads to all of our actions 

    laws of nature=cause and effect in everything
  5. compatibilism
    • -a solution to the problem of determinism 
    • -things are determined and we have free will
  6. the problem of evil
    god has all the attributes yet evil exists. 

    therefore these are an apparent contridiction to each other
  7. natural law
    dictates of reason from God to humanity/nature
  8. human law
    dictates of reason according to humans
  9. restrictive covenants
    agreements to not sell your property to "undesirables" (i.e. non-white non-angle saxon protestants)
  10. plessy vs ferguson (1896)
    landmark case that upheld segregation uder the "separate but equal" rule
  11. Brown vs. board of education (1954)
    landmark case where it was decided segregated schools unconstitutional. overturned the separate but equal ruling of plessy vs ferguson
  12. "a  there to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
    quote from MLK jr. in regaurds to the interconnectedness of communities everywhere. what effects on directly effects on directly effects all directly
  13. king on our moral responsibility with respect to unjust laws
    an unjust law is now law at all
  14. by any means necessary
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ethics quiz 6
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