1. You are sent to a possible motor vehicle crash at a busy intersection, it appears that the driver of the minivan took the up and over pathway. You should suspect that he will have sustained injuries to the?

    a. Chest
    b. Lungs and heart
    c. Head and neck
    d. all of the above
    All of the above
  2. Why are children more prone to hypothermia?
    Their body surface is larger in proportion to thier mass
  3. The elderly can suffer life Threatening problems from the heat because they?
    • Have reduce circulation
    • Cannot efficiently regulate thier body temp
    • Have a slower metabolic rate
  4. Normal breathing rate for a healthy child?
    15 - 30 b/m
  5. Which of the following is responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues:

    C. Hemoglobin molecules on the red blood cells
  6. Room air contains ___% oxygen.
  7. Gurgling sounds indicates?
    Fluid in the upper airway
  8. Using a pocket face mask with supplemental oxygen delivers ___% oxygen?
  9. When opening the airway on an infant, the head position should be:

    D. neutral or slightly extended
  10. Your pt is a 5yr old female who was assaulted by a local gang and now lies prone on the ground. she has blood around her mouth and gurgling as she breathes at a rate of 20 per min. After securing her onto her back you assess her resp effot and find she is breathing normally at a rate of 18 per min, is still unresponsive without a gag reflex. but is taking full, deep breaths with good clr bilateral lung sounds. your cont managment includes?

    D. all of the above
  11. Which of the following is true regarding suctioning?

    C. place the pt on his side during suctioning
  12. A single rescuer. when performing a bvm ventilation must?

    D. all of the above
  13. The voice box is located in the
  14. The non-rebreather mask delivers oxygen concentrations in the range of ?

    C. 80%-90%
  15. In maintaining C-spine Stabiliation in a trauma pt you should:

    C. maintain the neck in the in line, neutral position
  16. Retractions, neck muscle use, and exaggerated abdominal muscle movement all indicate?
    Severe ventilation problems
  17. A bulging fontanelle may indicate?
  18. Which of the following pts may suffer harmful side effects if exposed to high concentrations of oxygen for an extended period of time?

    B. all of the above
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