Pedi quiz 3

  1. 1yr -1yr3mo Peronal Social
    Begins Erikson's stage of "autonomy versus shame and doubt:

    Seeks novel ways to persue new experiences

    Imitations of people are more advanced
  2. 1yr -1yr3mo Fine motor
    • builds with blocks
    • finger paints
    • able to reach out with hands and bring food to mouth
    • holds a spoon
    •  drinks from a cup
  3. 1yr -1yr3mo Gross Motor
    • Movements becomes more voluntary
    • postural control immproves
    •   -able to stand and may take few independent steps
  4. 1yr -1yr3mo Language
    1st words aren't generally classified as true language they are associated with the concrete and are usually activity-oriented
  5. 1yr -1yr3mo Cognition
    • begins to accomodate to the environment
    •   -the adaptive process evolves
  6. 1/2 (18mo) personal-social
    • Extremly curious
    • becomes a communicative social being
    • parellel play
    • fleeting contacts with other chlldren
    • "make believe" play begins
  7. 1 1/2 (18mo) Fine Motor
    • Better control of spoon
    • good control when drinking from cup
    • turns pages of a book
    • places objects in holes and slots
  8. 1 1/2 (18mo) Gross Motor
    • Walks alone-gait may be a bit unsteady
    • begins to walk sideways and backwards
  9. 1 1/2 (18mo) Languge
    Begins to use language in a symbolic form to represent images or ideas that reflect the thinking process

    uses some meaningful words shuch as "hi", "bye-bye", "all gone"
  10. 1 1/2 (18mo) Cognition
    demonstrates foresight and can discover solutions to problems without excessive trial and error procedures

    can imitate without the presence of a model (deferred imitation)
  11. 2yr Personal-social
    • language facilitates autonomy
    • sense of power from saying "no" and "mine"
    • increased independence from mother
  12. 2yr Fine Motor
    • turns pages of a boog singly
    • adept at building tower of six or 7 cubes
    • when drawing attemps to enclose a space
  13. 2yr Gross language
    Begins to use words to explain past events or to discusse objects not observably present

    • rapidly expands vocabulary to ~300 words
    • uses plurals
  14. 2yr Gross motor
    • Runs well with llittle fallling
    • throws and kicks a ball
    • Walks up and down stairs one step at a time
  15. 2yr Cognition
    enters preconceptional phase of cognitive dev

    • state of continuous investigations
    • primary focus is egocentric
  16. 3yrs  Personal-Social
    Basic concept of sexuality are established separates from mother more easily

    attends to toilet needs
  17. 3yrs  Fine motor
    • Copies a circle and a straight line
    • Grasps spoon between thum and index finger
    • Holds cup by handle
  18. 3yrs Gross motor
    • Balances on one foot
    • jumps in place
    • pedals a tricycle
  19. 3yrs Language
    Quest for information furthered by questions like "why", How, when, where

    Has aquired the language that will used in simple conversations during adult years
  20. 3yrs Cognition
    Preconceptional phase continues

    • can think of only one idea at a tme
    • cannot think s in of all part in terms of the whole
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