Stress/Mental Health

  1. adjustment of living with other living things and environmental conditions
  2. vague sense of impending doom or apprehension precipitated by new and unknown experiences
  3. behaviors exhibited as the result of prolonged occupational stress
  4. stress responses experienced during prolonged periods of home care by family caregivers
    caregiver burden
  5. patterns of behavior used to neutralize, deny, or counteract anxiety
    coping mechanism
  6. occurs when coping and defense mechanisms are no longer effective, resulting in high levels of anxiety, disorganized behavior, and the inability to function normally
  7. five-step problem-solving technique to promote adaptation and improve future coping
    crisis intervention
  8. forms of self-deception; unconscious process the self uses to protect itself from anxiety or threats to self-esteem
    defense mechanism
  9. a feeling of dread; a cognitive response to known threat
  10. the body prepares itself against threat, to either resist (fight) or evade (flight) the danger
    fight-or-flight response
  11. biochemical model of stress describing the body's general response to stress
    General adaptation syndrome (GAS)
  12. various physiologic and psychological mechanisms respond to changes in the internal and external environment to maintain a balanced state
  13. localized response of the body to stress, precipitated by trauma or pathology
    local adaptation syndrome (LAS)
  14. physiologic alterations and illness believed to be due to psychological influences
    psychosomatic disorder
  15. automatic response of the central nervous system to the stimulus of pain
    reflex pain response
  16. condition in which the human system responds to changes in its normal balanced state
  17. anything causing a person to experience stress; change in the balanced state
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