Informative Speech Flash Cards COM-1

  1. Introduction 

    1. Self Introduction
    Good evening and what are you going to be talking about
  2. 2. Ask a question
    B. who here uses a computer or smartphone 

    C. second who knows what is a black hat white hat IT person 

    D. Tell the definition of a black hat and white hat
  3. 3. Tell the audience about your background
    • a. CCNA
    • b. network security expertise
    • c. c++ and c# computer languages 
    • d. and the story of when you were 13 and how u got into computers thru the psp
  4. 4. Ask a second question
    a. Who here has a iphone android smarthphone

    b. And has anyone heard of jailbreaking and actually done it or a known a person that has

    c. Tell them what you do with jailbreaking
  5. d. tell the public about scrip kiddies

    c. audience is a white hat
  6. 5. So tell the audience the layout of your speech 

    what am i going to talk about
    a. what is a black hat / white hat

    b. What computer threats this people cause

    c. how to protect oneself from the internet.
  7. Body #1 -

    1. Defintion of a black hat by PCTOOLS
    a. known to steal stuff infiltrate stuff examples

    b. black hat can be highschool to university
  8. 2. White Hat hacker Defintion but opposite of a black hat
    a. Good guys test networks to expose security flaws

    b. hack into stuff without malicious intent

    c. Charles Miller exposed apple computer battery vulnability tell the story
  9. Body 2: About Computer Security Threats
    a. Tell the audience that the internet is like walking into a good/bad city

    b. A computer is like a human examples

    c. A computer gets sick examples

    d. surfing internet prone to get sick and attacked
  10. 2. Who Here has downloaded example frost wire
    a. backdoor access examples of P2P networks to the comptuer

    b. given root access examples to black hats or white hats

    c. rely so much bank example that we dont stop to think were giving so much info. give examples
  11. 3. Story of the FBI
    a. Black hat hackers cause 21,000 ATMs were robbed 280 cities stole 9 million

    b. how they hacked into banks here in the USA

    c. created 44 counteirfeit cards
  12. 4. Personal Story
    Ednas story about the FBI money pack virus and child pornography threat
  13. 5. Now who here has a apple computer?
    a. who thinks its safer than a pc

    b. remind of charlie miller battery explosion

    - tell the public imagine your on facebook
  14. 6. Who here is studying to be
    • a. Medical
    • b. Gaming
    • c. whatevers career
  15. Body 3: What are the best protections
    1. Best information comes from white and black hatters

      a. Example people buy a new computer

      b. Who has wireless

    •    1. hackers handbook reference and wireless pen for beginners
    •    2. hire a IT
  16. c. Change Facebook and bank passwords constantly
  17. d. check banks periodacally
  18. e. dont surf the internet places you dont know
  19. f. get a computer cleanup every 3 months 

    and a full hard drive format once a year
  20. FBI Story remind
    II. Personal story about this guy at caltrans how he would get credit cards from a black hat 400.00 credit cards for  60.00
  21. dont surf
  22. protect yourselves i give it 5 to 10 years until we have a real catastrophe where people are going to turn to IT
  23. Its more effective to attack with a virus and crash a stock market than a nuclear bomb 

    this is what china is doing
  24. give the example of what you saw about that guy that filled out all of his information credit wise and social security .
    a. black hats are malicous IT knowledge based people

    b. white hats are personas that find security loopholes 

    C. its good to be aware of effective network security
  26. If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you
    will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked.
    -         White House Cyber security Advisor,Richard Clarke
  27. “Passwords are like underwear: you don’t let people
    see it, you should change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with
    • -         
    • Chris Pirillo
  28. The lesson here
    is you can't expect users to learn. There's too much fun going on out there on
    the Internet.
    • -         
    • Peter Lindstrom
  29. Thank you very much for your guys time I hope this will create awareness
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