Biology Cells

  1. Plasma Membrane
    Acts like a sieve. It allows what enters and leaves the cell. Important for receiving signals from other cells.
  2. Vacuole
    Extra cellular digestion, digestion within a cell. Gets ride of waste products
  3. Cell Wall
    Only found in Plant cells. Supports; prevents cells bursting in dilute solutions.
  4. Mitochondria
    Produces ATP (adenosine Triphosphate)/ instant energy in respiration
  5. Golgi Body
    Where pre-made protiens are 'labelled' and then sent away to be used. Modifies Protiens
  6. Centrioles
    Involved in the formation of the spindle during cell division
  7. Nucleolus
    Area around the Nucleus, where ribosomal RNA  is produced
  8. Nucleus
    Contains the genetic information in the from of Chromosomes made up of DNA
  9. Chloroplasts
    Only found in Plants. Is the sight of Photosynthesis. Is where glucose is created for engry. Reliant on ight to convert CO2 to H2O and O2
  10. Ribosomes
    The site of Protien synthesis. Joins amino acids together to make polypeptides and protiens.
  11. Cytoplasm
    The part of the cell outside the nucleus. All the contents of the cell
  12. Endoplasmmic Recticulum
    Involved in distribution of substances in the cytoplasm. Lipid synthesis (smooth ER)
  13. Lysome
    Digestion of worn-out organelles. In some white blood cells, digest bacteria
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Biology Cells
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