Italian 42B: Historical People

  1. Madam Adeline Patti
    19th cent Italian opera singer (soprano)became famous in capitals of Europe and America
  2. Enrico Caruso
    famous Italian tenor opera singerbecame famous in Europe, North & South America
  3. Mayor Angelo Rossi
    first mayor of 100% Italian descent of a major US city(1931-1944)
  4. Amadeo Giannini
    Italian American, founder of Bank of America, started in produce businessloaned $ to imms when other bankers refused, nat'l system of branch banks that served ordinary people
  5. Baldarsare Forestiere "The Human Mole" (Fresno's Underground Gardens)
    Sicilian imm to US in 1902, worked on NY subway system, moved to Fresno & bought 700 acres of landdug out huge underground tunnels, rooms, lived underground
  6. Simon Rodia
    IT AM who created the Watts Towers (LA landmark) out of everyday items*monument to vernacular culture
  7. Domenico Ghirardelli
    born in Italy, moved originally to C. America then to CA in 1849SF's most successful chocolatier
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Italian 42B: Historical People