Lecture Test 3

  1. Antidiuretic hormone
    • Source: hypothalamus/posterior pituitary
    • Target: kidneys
    • Action: Causes the kidneys to reabsorb more water. will produce less urine
  2. Oxytocin
    • Source: hypothalamus/posterior pituitary
    • Target:
    • -uterus
    • -mammary glands
    • Action:
    • -cause contraction during labor
    • -causes release of milk
  3. Growth Hormone
    • Source: anterior pituitary
    • Target: bones and muscles
    • Action:increase in size. Epiphiseal plates grown in height
  4. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
    Source: anterior pituitary

    Target: thyroid

    Action: release hormones (calcitonin, T3, T4)
  5. Adrenocorticotropic hormone
    Source: anterior pituitary

    Target: adrenal cortex

    Action: release of hormones (cortisol, Aldosterone, Adrenal Androgens)
  6. Luteinizing hormone
    Source: anterior pituitary


    Action:ovulation (release of eggs)
  7. Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone
    Source: anterior pituitary

    Target: testis

    Action:  causes testis to make testosterone
  8. Follicle-stimulating hormone
    Source: anterior pituitary

    • Target:
    • -ovaries
    • -testis

    • Action:
    • -production of eggs
    • -production of sperm
  9. Prolactin
    Source: anterior pituitary

    Target: mammary gland

    Action: to produce milk
  10. Calcitonin
    Source: thyroid gland

    Target: kidneys and bones

    Action: lowers calcium blood levels. It's a hypocalcemic agent.

    • -Stimulates calcium excretion
    • -Inhibits osteoclast in the bones
  11. Thyroxine T4
    Triiodothyronine T3
    Source: thyroid gland

    Target: all cells

    Action: increases metabolic rate
  12. Parathyroid Hormone
    Source: Parathyroid gland

    • Target:
    • -kidneys
    • -intestines

    • Action:
    • -conserves Ca levels
    • -conserves Ca. Puts it back to the blood.
  13. Epinephrine/Norepinephrine
    Source: Adrenal medulla

    Target: SNS

    Action: Flight or fight response
  14. Aldosterone
    Source:  adrenal cortex

    Target: kidneys

    Action: reabsorb more Na back into blood/Regulate Na levels in blood
  15. Cortisol
    Source: adrenal cortex

    • Target:
    • lots of cells in body

    • Action:
    • -inhibits protein synthesis
    • -promotes fatty acid release
    • -increases glucose levels in blood. hyperglicemic
  16. Adrenal Androgens
    Source: adrenal cortex

    • Target:
    • -ovaries
    • -testis

    • Action:
    • -produce some testosterones
    • -produce some estrogen
  17. Insulin
    Source: pancreas (beta cells)

    Target: all cells

    Action: lowers glucose levels in blood
  18. Glucagon
    Source: pancreas (alpha cells)

    Target: muscle, liver

    Action: break down glycogen and release it to the blood.
  19. Thymosin
    Source: thymus gland

    Target: lymphocytes in thymus

    Action:  mature into T-cells for immunity
  20. Melatonin
    Source: Pineal gland

    Target: SCN Suprachasmatic nuclei

    Action: heps regulate circardian rhythms. and biological clock
  21. Testosterone
    Source:  testes

    Target: male rep system

    Action: secondary sex characteristics and puberty
  22. Estrogen
    Source: ovaries

    Target: female rep. track

    Action: secondary sex characteristics and puberty. menstrual cycle
  23. progesterone
    Source: ovaries

    Target: uterus

    Action: maintains the pregnancy
  24. Gastrin
    Source: Gastric cells (in response to food)

    Target: gastric galnds

    Action: increases secretory activity of gastric glands
  25. Cholecystokinin
    Source: Intestinal wall cells (in response to proteins and fats in small intestine)


    • -gastric glands
    • -pancreas
    • -gallbladder

    • Action:
    • -decreases secretory activity of gastric glands and inhibits gastric motility
    • -stimulates pancreas to secrete fluid with a high digestive enzyme concentration
    • -stimulates gallbladder to contract and release bile
  26. Secretin
    Source: Cells in duodenal walls (in response to acidic chyme entering small intestine)

    Target: Pancreas

    Action: Stimulates pancreas to secrete fluid with a high bicarbonate ion concentration
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