1. robert whittaker
    five kingdom taxonomy
  2. carl woese
    three domains based on rRNA sequences
  3. Louis Pasteur
    germ theory of Disease
  4. Robert Koch
    sequenced experimental steps for directly relating a specific microbe to a specific disease
  5. Dmitri Iwanowski
    Discovered the presence of viruses
  6. Ignaz Semmelweis
    Reduced childbed fever
  7. Joseph Lister
    Introduced aseptic techniques in surgery (listerine)
  8. Edward Jenner
    Began the field of Immunology (smallbox)
  9. Paul Ehrlich
    Began the science of Chemotherapy (first to use arsenic)
  10. Alexander Fleming
    Discovered the first antibiotic (penicillin)
  11. what are 3 characteristics of Chlamydias?
    obiligate intracellular parasites, cause sexually transmitted disease, gram negative coccoid bacteria
  12. pelvic inflammatory disease
    is an outcome of a chlamydia infection in females
  13. the reticulate body seen in Chlamydia infections
    is the large actively dividing non-infectious form
  14. what is the difference between elementary body and reticulate body in chlamydia?
    elementary body is the infectious form and reticulate body is the large activily dividing non infectious form.
  15. mycoplasma pneumonia is a respiratory infection that is
    called walking pneumonia in young adults
  16. what are 3 characteristics of the genus Mycoplasma
    lack cell walls, pleomorphic, colonize membranes of the respiratory tract.
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