1. Hordes
    Great crowds
  2. Nook
    A little corner
  3. Nose bag
    A bag hung over a horse's head for it to eat while it is working
  4. Alliances
    partnerships made for political advantage
  5. Sheath
    Wooden container for a sword
  6. Grudge
    Ill will, bad feeling towards someone
  7. Realm
    A kingdom
  8. Deception
    Fraud, trickery
  9. Infest
    To be filed with something nasty or bad
  10. Shirk
    To avoid work
  11. Sirksirks
    To give shrill harsh sounds
  12. Gnash
    To force teeth together when mad
  13. Scurry
    To run with short hurried steps
  14. Thrive
    To grow well and healthy
  15. Guffaw
    To laugh in a loud rough manner
  16. Drench
    To be soaked completly
  17. RummageRummage
    To search throughly but untidily
  18. Champ (ing)
    Chewing hard
  19. Yammer
    To talk in loud noises
  20. Quaff
    To drink
  21. Inconvenience
    To make things rather difficult
  22. Warrant
    To guarantee something
  23. Astray
    to be away from where something or someone
  24. Dell
    A small wooded hollow
  25. Folly
    A foolish action
  26. Parapet
    A low wall along the edge of something high
  27. Slither
    To slide
  28. Hark
    To listen attentively
  29. Vex
  30. Palpitate
    To beat very fast
  31. Venerable
    Old and worthy of respect
  32. Gruesome
    A sight that is horrible to look
  33. Gruff
    Having a rough or manner
  34. Dreary
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