Home Economics - Community Services and the Environment

  1. List two causes of air pollution
    1. Burning of rubbish

    2. Fuel emissions from cars and factories
  2. What are the main effects of air pollution?
    1. Lung problems

    2. Acid rain

    3. Climate change
  3. What is acid rain?
    This is rain that is acidic

    It is caused by human emissions of sulphur and nitrogen which reacts in the atmosphere to form acids
  4. What are the main reasons for climate change?
    Global warming because we are producing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide

    This traps heat on the earths surface raising the temperature
  5. Name a greenhouse gas
    Carbon dioxide
  6. Describe four causes of increased greenhouse gas production in modern society
    1. Increased carbon dioxide emissions

    2. Deforestation

    3. Burning water

    4. Large power plants burning fossil fuels

    5. Rearing livestock produces methane which is a greenhouse gas
  7. State two main effects of climate change
    1. Flooding

    2.More stormy, wet weather

    3. Land becoming dry and barren

    4. Appearance of insects such as Mosquitos which increase the risk of disease
  8. What is the ozone layer?
    This is a layer of gas that is miles above the earth's surface

    It stops us from getting the suns harmful UV rays
  9. List two causes of water pollution
    1. Human sewage

    2. Agricultural runoff

    3. Chemical waste from industrial plants
  10. List two main effects of water pollution
    1. Human diseases such as E.coli

    2. Causes the death of fosh and damage to birds and plants
  11. What are the two types of waste?
    1.Organic - can be easily broken down eg. paper

    2. Inorganic - cannot be easily broken down and is harmful to the environment eg. plastic
  12. Name the 3 Rs of waste management


  13. Outline four ways you can help protect the environment
    1. Bring a shopping bag

    2. Recycle

    3. Do not litter

    4. Use less water

    5. Turn off lights when not in use

    6. Walk or cycle instead of using the car
  14. List two ways the government has tried to reduce environmental pollution
    1. Plastic bag levy

    2. Car tax based in carbon emissions
  15. Name two organisations involved in environmental pollution
    1. Environment Protection Agency

    2. Friends of the Earth

    3. Green peace

    4. The Green Party
  16. What are statutory services?  Give two examples
    These are government run eg. schools, hospitals
  17. What are voluntary services? Give two examples
    These are not run by the government eg. youth clubs, GAA
  18. Give two examples of natural amenities


  19. Give two examples of man-made amenities


    Sports pitches
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