Vocab 19

  1. Haughty
    • Scornfully superior and aloof
    • S: supercilious, disdainful, contemptuous, snooty, condescending, patronizing, proud, arrogant
    • A: modest, diffident, unassuming, unpretentious, meek, servile, fawning, obsequious 
    • RP: as proud as a peacock, look down one's nose at, get up on one's high horse
  2. Heinous
    • Grossly wicked or vile
    • S: diabolic, villainous, nefarious, monstrous, infamous, odious, reprehensible, abominable, loathsome, atrocious, despicable, abhorrent, execrable
    • A: laudable, commendable, meritorious, estimable, admirable
    • RP: moral turpitude, a venial sin, a mortal sin
  3. Ignominy
    • Dishonor or disgrace usually resulting from some sort of shameful conduct
    • S: humiliation, degradation, disrepute, opprobrium  odium, infamy, obloquy
    • A: esteem, acclaim, honor, admiration, glory, fame
    • RP: be under a cloud, be in bad odor, a blot on the escutcheon
  4. Illicit
    • Unlawful, illegal
    • S: unauthorized, unsanctioned, banned, forbidden, proscribed, outlawed, under-the-counter, under-the-table
    • A: legal, lawful, authorized, sanctioned, permissible, admissible, allowable, legitimate
    • RP: contraband goods, the black market, get in by the back door, a wildcat strike, off limits, go by the book
  5. Immaculate
    • Entirely free of stain, blemish, fault, or error; spotless
    • S: unsoiled, unsullied, untarnished, undefiled, flawless, impeccable, unimpeachable, irreproachable
    • A: stained, spotted, blemished, sullied, tarnished
    • RP: spick-and-span, lily-white, simon-pure, pure as the driven snow
  6. Immunity
    • Exemption from something, especially a disease
    • S: impunity, insusceptibility, freedom, exclusion, release, protection, safety, dispensation, amnesty
    • RP: handle with kid gloves, preferential treatment, with impunity, get off with a slap on the wrist, go scot-free
  7. Immutable
    • Not subject to change or modification
    • S: unchangeable, changeless, constant, fixed, invariable, unalterable, permanent, resolute, steadfast, unwavering, inflexible, rigid
    • A: changeable, alterable, variable, fickle, erratic, capricious, mercurial
    • RP: as constant as the northern star, as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, a house built on sand
  8. Impasse
    • A deadlock or dead end
    • S: stalemate, cul-de-sac, standstill, dilemma
    • RP: lead up a blind alley, paint oneself into a corner, in a fix, in a bind, a Catch-22, come to a screeching (grinding) halt, a standoff, on the horns of a dilemma
  9. Impediment
    • A hindrance or obstruction
    • S: encumbrance, obstacle, handicap, barrier, bar
    • A: aid, help, assistance
    • RP: a stumbling block, a fly in the ointment, a bottleneck, without let or hindrance, pull oneself by one's bootstraps
  10. Impervious
    • Incapable of being penetrated or affected
    • S: impenetrable, impermeable, unresponsive, unperceptive, unnameable, closed (to)
    • A: penetrable, permeable, responsive, receptive, amenable (to), open (to), susceptible (to)
    • RP: proof against, hermetically sealed, vacuum-packed, stonewall someone, a closed society, a closed mind
  11. Implacable
    • Incapable of being pacified  or appeased; inflexible
    • S: unappeasable, unrelenting, unforgiving, relentless, inexorable, remorseless, unbending, obdurate, adamant, merciless
    • A: conciliatory, compassionate, understanding, merciful, forbearing
  12. Implicit
    • 1. Understood, implied
    • 2. Absolute, unquestioning
    • S: inferred, inherent, tacit, unspoken, complete, unqualified, unconditional
    • A: explicit, specific, express
    • RP: take something for granted, categorically deny  something, on a person's express orders
  13. Impugn
    • To call into question; to cast doubt on
    • S: question, query, challenge, deny, gainsay, dispute, malign
    • A: vindicate, acquit, exonerate, exculpate, justify, rationalize, defend, champion, vouch for, affirm, verify, substantiate, confirm, corroborate
    • RP: cast aspersions on, run down, take exception to, bad mouth someone, hurl brickbats at, backbiting stick up for, an apologist
  14. Incarcerate
    • To put in jail or the otherwise confine
    • S: jail, imprison, intern, cage, immure, constrain, constrict
    • A: liberate, emancipate, set free, release
    • RP: mew up, coop up, keep under lock and key, keep under wraps, a shut-in
  15. Incense
    • To make violently angry
    • S: enrage, infuriate, enflame, provoke, incite
    • A: soothe, calm, pacify, mollify, appease, placate 
    • RP: see red, make one's blood boil, raise the hackles on one's neck, get under one's skin, a thorn in one's side
  16. In-
    • A: Indefensible- not capable of being defended, justified, or excused
    • Invalidate- to nullify
    • Inactivity- a lack of activity; idleness
    • Inadvertently- accidentally or unintentionally
    • B: Incarnate- to invest with bodily form and nature
    • Inauguration- a formal beginning or introduction
    • Incarcerate- to put in prison
  17. Ig-
    • Ignoble- base or lowborn; dishonorable
    • Ignore- to refuse to notice; to reject or throw out
  18. Il-
    • Illogical- not logical
    • Illuminate- to light up
  19. Im-
    • Immoral- not in accord with the accepted moral code
    • Immerse- to submerge or absorb completely
    • Impure- not pure
    • Impede- to hinder or obstruct
  20. Ir-
    • Irreverent- lacking in sufficient respect for
    • Irrigate- to supply with water; to wash out with water or another fluid
  21. -Via
    • Viaduct- a bridge supporting a road or railroad over a valley or another (rail)road
    • deviate- to turn or move away from 
    • devious- not straight forward
    • Convey- to transmit or transport
  22. -Nomin
    • Nominal- existing in name only; insignificantly small
    • Nominate- to propose for some office , responsibility, or honor
    • Denomination- the name of a specific group or class; an organized religious group
    • Misnomer- an error in naming something; a inappropriately applied to something
  23. -Onym/Onomy
    • Pseudonym- an assumed name
    • Anonymous- of unknown authorship
    • Onomatopoeia- the formation of a word that imitates the sound of a thing it designates
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