History: Chapter 10

  1. Native Mexicans living in Texas
  2. Business people who recruited settlers to Texas
  3. Most well known Empresario. Known as the "Father of Texas"
    Stephen Austin
  4. Who was the Texas Revolution between?
    Texans and Mexico
  5. Who made up the Texans?
    Americans and Tejanos
  6. How long was Texas it's own country?
    9 Years
  7. Military dictator of Mexico. Replaced elected officials with his own appointees.
    Santa Anna
  8. Became the first president of the Republic of Texas after the Texas Revolution
    Sam Houston
  9. Famous Texans who fought in The Alamo?
    • William Travis
    • Jim Bowie
    • Davy Crockett
  10. Why does congress approve the Mexican War?
    So we can get land
  11. Began in Independence Missouri and ended in Northwest U.S.
    Oregon Trail
  12. Gold seekers from Europe, Australia, China, Mexico, South America and America who rushed to California gold fields
  13. How did people get to California?
    • Overland Route (4-6 months)
    • Sail to Central America, cross, and sail to California (6 weeks to 6 months)
    • Sail around the bottom of South America (Cape Horn) (5-8 months)
  14. What type of people made up the 49ners population?
    Young, unmarried men
  15. What were the percentages of the Forty-Niners?:
    Women and Children:
    White Americans or African Americans:
    South Americans:
    • Women and Children: 5%
    • White Americans and African Americans:80%
    • Mexicans: 8%
    • South Americans: 5%
  16. True or false:
    Thieves could rob miners for their entire fortunes
  17. True or false:
    Law enforcement officers were scarce
  18. What were the common activities in California Mining Towns?
    • Gambling
    • Drinking
    • Swearing
    • Fighting
  19. Present day states that make up the Mexican Cession?:
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Utah
    • Parts of Arizona
    • Colorado
    • Mexico
  20. Whig Party Candidate
    Henry Clay
  21. Democratic Candidate
    James K Polk
  22. Expansionist who wants the U.S. to annex Texas and Oregon
    James K Polk
  23. Where is gold discovered?
    Sutter's Fort
  24. What was the main effect of the Gold Rush for California?
    California becomes a state
  25. An observational force was sent to the Rio Grande River...this was led by who?
    Zachary Taylor
  26. Revolt against Mexico led by whites in California
    Bear Flag Revolt
  27. What ends the Mexican war formally?
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  28. How long did the Mexican war last?
    2 years
  29. Who captured Mexico City and ended the war?
    General Winfield Scott
  30. U.S. bought a small chunk of land from Mexico located in Southern Arizona and New Mexico
    Gadsden Purchase
  31. Why was the Gadsden Purchase significant?
    The U.S. finally owned all Mexican lands north of the Rio Grande River
  32. What did Polk want to change the Northern Border to when he wanted to annex Oregon?
    (instead of the 49th parallel)
    54 40'
  33. What happened during the Battle of San Jacinto?
    • Santa Anna was captured
    • Texas wins independence
  34. The belief that the U.S. should extend its territory westward to the Pacific Ocean
    Manifest Destiny
  35. A military strategy to defeat the Confederacy proposed in 1861 by the Commanding General of the Union Army, Gen. Winfield Scott. Scott's plan was to employ Union army and navy forces to blockade the southern ports, split the Confederacy in half by seizing the line of the Mississippi River, and establish strong Federal positions all around the periphery of the Confederate States.
    Anaconda Plan
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