psy Emotion 7

  1. Emotion
    physiological arousal, cognitive interpretation, subjective feelings, and behavioral expression
  2. What Do Our Emotions Do for Us?
    • help us respond and to convey our
    • intentions
  3. Emotion facts
    natural selection not entirely programmed
  4. Cultural Universals in Emotional Expression
    sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, happiness and surprise
  5. Where Emotions
    Come From?
    • brain’s emotion systems
    • 1.–Operates at unconscious level
    • 2. conscious processing in the cortex
  6. James-Lange theory
    Emotion-provoking stimulus produce physical response that produces emotion
  7. Cannon-bard theory –
    emotional feeling /internal physiological response occur same time
  8. Two-factor theory of emotion –
    • (1)physical arousal
    • (2) emotion provoking stimulus
  9. Do trained lie detectors” perform better?
    no better than the untrained
  10. Polygraph
    • Three
    • main channels of measurement:

    • –Blood
    • volume and pulse rate

    • –Respiration
    • rate and depth

    • –Skin
    • conductance
  11. Problems with the Polygraph
    not reliable!

    •Rate of false positives: 18-55%

    •Rate of false negatives: 11.5-23%
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