Psy Learning 2

  1. After Classical Conditioning
    • Extinction
    • Spontaneous recovery
  2. Extinction
    absent unconditioned stimulus= Weakened conditioned association
  3. Spontaneous Recovery
    Condition reappears after time delay
  4. Acquisition,
    Extinction, and Spontaneous Recovery
  5. Classical Conditioning:Generalization
    give conditioned response to stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus
  6. Classical Conditioning: discrimination
    responding to 1 stimulus
  7.  Taste-aversion learning(Classical Conditioning Application)
    learn to avoid food with a certain taste after bad experience
  8. How Do We Learn New Behaviors by Operant Conditioning?
    Reward/punishment consequences= behavior may occur again
  9. How Do We Learn New Behaviors by
    Operant Conditioning?

    •Learner discovers correct response by attempting behaviors that produce the desired consequences
  10. Skinner’s Radical Behaviorism
    • consequences powerfully influence
    • behavior
    • Foundationwas established in 1989
  11. How Does Operant Conditioning Work?
  12. Positive reinforcers
    • Reward after a response
    • that influence response to happen again

  13. Negative reinforcers
    Remove unpleasant stimulus
  14. Secondary reinforcers
    money, tokens Stimuli acquire reinforcing power by learned association with primary reinforcers
  15. Continuous reinforcement-Contingency of Reinforcement
    correct responses reinforced
  16. Partial reinforcement
    • some correct responses are reinforced
    • intermittent reinforcement
  17. Extinction
    Learned response weakened by absence of reinforcement
  18. Ratio schedules
    reward after a certain number of responses
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