FNPIII Chapt 12

  1. Name a food and drugs that can turn your and pink to red?
    Rifampin and phenazopyridine ( Pyridium) and beets can color urine pink to red.
  2. Gross painless hematuria is a cardinal symptom of what?
    Gross painless hematuria is a cardinal symptom of certain malignancies such as bladder cancer.
  3. What does the presence of Bence Jones protein in the urine suggest?
    Bence Jones proteins suggest multiple myloma.
  4. What is the definition of nephrotic syndrome?
    The definition of nephrotic syndrome is protein excretion rate above 3.0 to 3.5 g per day.
  5. What is dysuria?
    Dysuria is the subjective experience of pain or burning with urination.

    Dysuria is most commonly associated with renal disease.
  6. Describe hematuria?
    Hematuria = blood in the urine.  Can be visible (gross) or occult (microscopic).

    Long distance runners have an increased risk of having hematuria.

    Even transient hematuria in men older than 5 can be an indication of serious disease. 

    Correlation between gross hematuria, malignancy and cigarette smoking compared to microscopic hematuria.
  7. What are RBC casts in the urine indicative of?
    RBC casts are indicative of injury to the nephron and are diagnositic of hematuria of renal origin.
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FNPIII Chapt 12
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