exam 2

  1. how many minutes on a 24 hour clock has humans been farming..
    6 minutes. 1 hour equals 100,000 years
  2. mesolithic means what? what years are the mesolithic?
    middle stone age. 11,000 ya to start of neolithic
  3. natufians where found at what location? what was their village like?
    small villages with stone and mud walled houses. basin shapes depressions and plastered pits indicate they stored food.
  4. in the neolithic, when did we switch from food foragers to producers?
    just over 10,000 years ago
  5. what are the 2 important implications of food production?
    • 1) more sedentary existence
    • 2) some people could be freed from food gathering duties and devote their time to other tasks (occupational specialist)
  6. what does neolithic mean?
    the new stone age. period beginning about 10,000 years ago in which people possessed stone based technologies and depended on domesticated crops and/or animals.
  7. food surplus?
    more food then what everyone needs to survive.
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