1. Equipment cooling provides cooling air for what compartment/systems?
    • • Flight deck equipment
    • • Electrical and equipment racks (E & E) Ø

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16
  2. When is warm equipment cooling air ducted overboard on the ground?
    • • Engines not operating
    • • Equipment cooling selector in NORM
    • • Ambient temperature moderate or high (7C/45F) 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16; 2.20.18
  3. When does the equipment cooling system configure for flight?
    • One or more engines on each wing is operating. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16
  4. How can you manually configure the equipment cooling system for flight?
    • Positioning the Equipment Cooling Selector to STBY. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16
  5. Which valve is closed when equipment cooling is in closed loop mode?
    • Inboard exhaust valve 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16
  6. What is the source of equipment cooling air for the flight deck?
    • With two or three packs operating, the flight deck equipment cooling source valve directs conditioned air into the flight deck electrical equipment. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16
  7. Describe the operation of the equipment cooling system with the Equipment Cooling Selector in OVRD.
    • • Provides equipment cooling in flight if internal fans are inoperative.
    • • Internal fans are not powered.
    • • Smoke/override valve opens.
    • • All other valves closed, no air flow to forward cargo.
    • • Cabin differential pressure draws air from the panels area on the flight deck, through the equipment cooling ducts to the E&E, to create a reverse flow of air across the equipment, then through the supply duct, then overboard. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.17; 2.20.18    
  8. Under what conditions would the equipment cooling system revert to closed loop mode?
    • • LLCCAFR Selector in FWD LOW, BOTH LOW, FWD HIGH, with a forward lobe temp selector set lower than 10C (50F).
    • • If a single internal fan fails.
    • • When the MAIN CARGO FIRE ARM switch is pushed. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.16; 8.10.4
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