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  1. why did you choose him
    Presidents come from all over the country. Nixon came from California and it caught my attention. Through this I feel like we share something in common and I can relate with him much easier. Coming from California, Nixon and I grew up in the same area and experienced similar culture.
  2. significance of speech
    After watergate, people's perception of nixon were scewed. They called him all sorts of horrible names such as traitor and cheater and wanted him out of office as soon as possible. Nixon's resignation speech was a crucial speech because it gave Nixon one last chance to gain sympathy from the people of America. Through his speech he showed that what he did was not for personal gain, but what was best for the nation. After hearing this, people saw that Nixon always had the best intentions for the country. This allowed people to see Nixon in a positive light and not to completely and utterly resent the man. During this speech Nixon also was able to highlight his great accomplishments as president, which was a reminder to the people of his prime leadership.
  3. Concept
    Nixon's use of repitition in his resignation speech is executed well. It's purpose in the speech is to emphasize Nixon's true intentions, which was to benefit the United States. By using a similar set of words he is able to appeal to the emotions of Americans by focusing on the nation and not himself. This showed the American people that he is not self centered and that her didnt want this ordeal to affect the people too much. Nixon wanted the country to continue its progress and not to focus on him.
  4. inspire
    Nixon inspires me because even through his rough time of harsh criticism and despair he is still able to focus on the country's future, even though he will not be in office at the time. He sets goals such as preventing future wars and to create friendship with foreign countries. I have huge respect for this man because he is still able to think clearly on his feet and take the best course of action.
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