1. base pairs that make imino

    what mutation do they make?
    Cytosine and Adenime ( have amino groups) - CA!

    • they cause transition mutation ( change purine for purin and pyrimidine for pyrimidine)
    • C behaves like T (so imino form of C will complement base pair with A) , A behaves like G
  2. base pairs that make enol

    what do they behave like?
    G and T

    the also cause transition mutation
  3. base analogue of thymine

    more common than what form of thymine?

    more common than the enol form of thymine
  4. this test use back mutation.

    used to find out the % if carcinogens that are also mutagens (what %?)
    Ames test, 80%
  5. simplest alkylating agent
    DMS (dimethyl sulphate)
  6. major cause of human cancer
    nitrosamine (nitrosoguanidine)
  7. extreme skin sensitivity to UV
    xeroderma pigmentosum
  8. AP endonucleases cleave

    ends with what enzyme
    cleave the DNA adjacent to apurinic and apyrimidic site ( at the 5' end of DNA)

    ligase sesals the nick
  9. for repairing the deamination of cytosine to uracil

    break the glycosidic bond between the U and deoxyribose
    Uracil-DNA glcosylase
  10. sequences of enzymes used after Uracil -DNA glycosylase
    AP endonuclease, DNA polymerase, DNA ligase
  11. what happens if cytosine go through deamination to hypoxanthine
    hypoxanthine glycosylase removes hypoxanthine from DNA
  12. hypoxanthine base pairs with what
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