GACE World History to 1600

  1. Mesopotamia
    Greek meaning "land between lakes." It was the first known civilization

    Religion: the believe in "anthropomorphic gods" who appeared and acted like humans which  Also believed in animism or belief that divine spirits existed in all natural objects. Very polytheistic. 

    Culture: created Cuneiform, first known form of writing. Also began using astronomy and mathematics. People clustered into larger, locations and the creation of the plow, potter's wheel and the introduction of bronze can be seen as responses to the demands of a more intensive economic life

    Political: organized i City States that became  responsible of all surrounding areas. City state was ruled by a king. 

    economic: the need for irrigation was essential to the growth and vitality of the civilization. Such need spawned advances in agricultural technology as the Mesopotamian civilization grew
  2. Ancient Egypt
    Religious and Political Authority: the Pharaoh was viewed by people as a god on earth, his words were law. The Pharaoh would be helped by priests and bureaucrats

    Long Lasting  lasts over 3000 years due to Egyptians adaptability and good rule of pharaohs.
  3. Zhou
    Mandate of Heaven: God chooses who will rule and you will stay in power so long as you are a good ruler, it is proven by success in battle 

    -iron is being used

    -more cities begin showing up

    • - chinese philosophy emerges 
    •         Legalsim: Shang Yang
    •         Daoism: Lao Tzu
  4. Qin Dynasty
    Emerges as power house from the warring states period and eventually becomes 1st dynasty in Chinese history.

    -great wall was built to keep out nomadic invaders

    -standardized written language, coinage, and weights and measures 

    -creates uniform law code around all of china
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