Home Economics - Home Design

  1. List five different types of accomodation
    1. Houses

    2. Apartments

    3. Sheltered housing

    4. Caravan

    5. Institutions
  2. List the needs provided by a home
    Physical needs

    Emotional needs

    Social needs
  3. What four factors normally influence a persons choice of home?
    1. Cost

    2. Location

    3. Size

    4. Style
  4. What effect should vertically stripped wallpaper have in a room?
    It makes it look taller and narrower
  5. What effect do warm colours have in a room?
    It makes it smaller
  6. What effect does lots of pattern create in a room?
    It makes it look crowded and untidy
  7. What effect does lots of smooth textures eg. tiles have in a room?
    It gives a cool, cean hygienic feel
  8. What is meant by emphasis?
    This is when the eye is drawn towards something in the room
  9. What is meant by balance?
    This is when there is an equal spread of colour, pattern and texture in a room
  10. What is meant by proportion?
    This relates to the size of objects
  11. What is meant by rhythm?
    This is where a colour, shape or pattern links or ties a room together
  12. List four considerations when planning a room
    1. Likes and dislikes

    2. Money available

    3. Function

    4. Existing fixtures and fittings

    5. Heating and lighting

    6. Storage

    7. Colour
  13. List five features of a well designed kitchen
    1. Be easy to clean

    2. Be efficient

    3. Have enough storage space

    4. Be bright and well ventilated

    5. Be safe to work in
  14. What is meant by the term ergonomics?
    This is how efficiently people work
  15. What is the work triangle?
    This is positioning the fridge, sink and cooker near each other in an invisible triangle
  16. List three different types of floor covering and one room in the house where it is commonly found
    1. Carpets eg. hallway

    2. Wooden floors eg. sitting room

    3. Tiles eg. kitchen and bathrooms

    4. Vinyl eg. bedrooms
  17. What are soft furnishings?
    These are things that create interest in a room and make a room appear warmer and cosier eg. cushions and curtains
  18. What are the functions of good lighting in the home?
    1. To prevent eye strain

    2. To prevent accidents in the home
  19. Name three types of lighting that can be used in interior design
    1. Table lamps

    2. Wall lights

    3. Spotlights

    4. Central light
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