Protein and Carbs

  1. What are the components of an amino acid?
    • Amino group
    • side chain
    • carbon skeleton
    • carboxyl group
  2. why are some AA classified as essential and others as non-essential?
    • Essential when the body can't make it
    • Nonessential when the body can transaminate and make it.
  3. What happens in transamination?
    Transfer one nitrogen from an AA to another (wannabe) to make a new AA
  4. What vitamin is used to tansaminate?
    Vit. B-6
  5. Which AA is formed when alpha-ketogluterate is transaminated?
    Glutamic acid
  6. What happens in deamination?
    AA loses the amine group
  7. What happens to the ammonia formed during deamination?
    It goes to the liver where two are put together to make Urea and then to the kidneys and excreted.
  8. What is the primary structure of protein?
    The AA chain
  9. What is the secondary structure of protein?
    The Helix
  10. What is the tertiary structure of a protein?
    when it twists up because parts are repelled and parts are attracted
  11. What is the quaternary structure?
    Sulfur bonding of more than one protein
  12. What effects does denaturation have on a protein?
    It loses its form and function
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