Looking at Movies Chapter 5 terms

  1. Design
    The process by which the look of the settings, props, lighting, and actors is determined
  2. Setting
    The environment in which the narrative takes place.
  3. Composition
    The organization, distribution, balance, and general relationship of the actors and objects within the space of each shot.
  4. Frame
    The border between what the filmmakerwants us to see and everything else
  5. Framing
    What we see on the screen
  6. Kenisis
    What moves on the screen
  7. Figures
    Any significant things that move on the screen--people, animals objects
  8. On-Screen Space
    Cinematic space that exists inside the frame.
  9. Off-Screen Space
    Space outside the frame
  10. The Open Frame
    A frame around a motion-picture image that, theoretically, characters and objects can enter and leave.
  11. The closed frame
    An approach to framing a shot that implies that neither characters nor objects may enter or leave the frame--rendering them hemmed in and constrained
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Looking at Movies Chapter 5 terms
Looking at Movies Chapter 5 terms