1. Synapsis
    Th pairing of homologous chromosomes, which does not happen in mitosis
  2. Tetrad
    Each pair of homologous chromosomes
  3. Crossing-over
    The process when portions of chromatids may break off and attach to adjacent chromatids on the homologous chromosome
  4. Genetic Recombination
    A new mixture of genetic material
  5. Independent Assortment
    The random seperation of the homologous chromosomes
  6. Spermatogenesis
    The production of sperm cells
  7. Oogenesis
    The production of matureegg cells or ova
  8. Polar Bodies
    The 3 other products of oogenesis other than the egg cell
  9. Sexual Reproduction
    The production of offspring through meiosis and the union of a sperm and an egg
  10. Heredity
    The transmission of characteristics form parents to offspring
  11. Trait
    A genetically determined varient of a characteristic
  12. Pollination
    Occurs when pollen grains produced in male reproduction parts of a flower, called the anthers, are transferred to the female reproductive part of a flower, called the stigma
  13. Self-pollination
    Occurs when pollen is transferred from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of either that flower or another flower on the same plant
  14. Cross-pollination
    Occurs between flowers of two pea plants
  15. True-breeding
    "pure", when it self-pollinates it always produces an offspring with that trait
  16. P Generation
    True-breeding parents
  17. F1 Generation
    The offspring of the P generation and the first filial generation
  18. F2 Generation
    The offspring of the F1 generation, of the second filial generation
  19. Dominant
    Describes the allele that is fully expressed when carried by onlty one of a pair of homologous chromosomes
  20. Recessive
    Describes a trait or an allele that is expressed only when two recessive alleles for the same characteristic are inherited
  21. Law of Segregation
    States that a pair of factors is segregated, or seperated, during the formation of gametes
  22. Law of Independent Assortment
    States the factors sepreate independently of one another during the formation of gametes
  23. Mollecular Genetics
    The study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes
  24. Allele
    Each of two or more alternate forms of a gene
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