Pharm ch 27

  1. alpha1-blockers
    drugs that primarily cause arterial and venous dilation through their action on peripheral sympathetic neurons
  2. antihypertensive drugs
    medications used to treat hypertension
  3. cardiac output
    amount of blood ejected from the left ventricle, measured in liters per minute
  4. centrally acting adrenergic drugs
    drugs that modify the function of the sympathetic nervous system in the brain by stimulating alpha2 receptors, which has a reverse sympathetic effect that causes decreased blood pressure
  5. essential hypertension
    • elevated systemic arterial pressure for which no cause can be found and which is often the only significant clinical finding
    • also called primary or idiopathic hypertension
  6. prodrug
    a drug that is inactive in its administered form and must be metabolized to its active form in the body, generally by the liver to be effective
  7. secondary hypertension
    high blood pressure associated with a primary disease such as renal, pulmonary, endocrine, or vascular disease
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