1. What is fertilizer?
    chemicals/natural substances added to the soil to increase fertility
  2. 3 major elements used in largest quantities by plants
    • Nitrogen
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
  3. analysis of a fertilizer refers to
    its guaranteed content of nutrient elements
  4. by law, a product sold as fertilizer must list
    the guaranteed content of nutrient elements based on weight
  5. elements are listed on the bags as
  6. percentages are listed in what order?
    N, P, K
  7. a complete fertilizer has what?
    one that has N, P, and K
  8. an incomplete fertilizer is what?
    missing one of the primary plant essential elements (also known as specialty fertilizer)
  9. Fertilizers affect the soil in what two ways?
    either acidic or alkaline affect
  10. organic fertillizers are made of?
    plant or animal waste/residue
  11. When applied to soil and decomposed,
    they provide nutrients to the soil
  12. when fertilizer is put dry on top of the soil with or without incorporation into the soil
  13. fertilizer is applied dry along with plant rows/furrows
  14. sprayed over the soil surface or applied in irrigation water
  15. a gas, anhydrous ammonia, is knifed into the soil
  16. what is the rate of application?
    amount of fertilizer applied to a volume or area of soil
  17. type of nutrients and amount to be applied is determined by
    soil test and/or tissue test
  18. these methods are better because
    waiting to see visual deficiency symptoms may be too late
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