High Frequency-A

  1. Absolve
    v. pardon(an offense); free from blame
  2. Abstract
    adj. theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational
  3. Accessible
    adj. easy to approach; obtainable
  4. Acclaim
    v. applaud; announce with great approval
  5. Accommodate
    v. provide lodgings
  6. Accommodate
    v. oblige or help someone
  7. Acknowledge
    v. recognize; admit
  8. Acrimony
    n. bitterness of words or manner
  9. Adversary
    n. oppenent
  10. Adverse
    adj. unfavorable; hostile
  11. Aesthetic
    adj. artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciation of beautiful
  12. Affable
    adj. easily approachable; warmly friendly
  13. Affinity
    n. kinship; attraction to
  14. Alleviate
    v. relieve; lessen
  15. Altruistic
    adj. unselfishly generous concerned for others
  16. Ambiguous
    adj, unclear or doubtful in meaning
  17. Ambivalence
    n. having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
  18. Amenable
    adj. readily managed; willing to give in; agreeable; submissive
  19. Ample
    adj. abundant
  20. Antagonism
    n. hostility; active resistance
  21. Apathy
    n. lack of caring; indifference
  22. Apprehension
    n. fear; discernment; capture
  23. Apprenticeship
    n. time spent as a novice learning a trade from a skilled worker
  24. appropriate
    adj. fitting or suitable; pertinent
  25. Appropriate
    v. acquire; take possession of for one's own use; set aside for a special purpose
  26. Aristocracy
    n. hereditary nobility; privileged class
  27. Aspire
    v. seek to attain; long for
  28. Assert
    v. state strongly or positively; insist on or demand recognition of (rights, claims)
  29. Assumption
    n. something taken for granted
  30. Authentic
    adj. genuine
  31. Autonomous
    adj. self-governing
  32. Aversion
    n. firm dislike
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