Myers Psychology AP Unit 8A Motivation

  1. motivation
    a need or desire that energies and directs behavior
  2. instincts
    a complex pattern of behavior that is rigorously patterned throughout a species and is unlearned
  3. drive-reduction theory
    the idea that a physiological need creates an aroused tension (a drive) that motivates an original and to satisfy the need.
  4. Homeostasis
  5. incentive
    positive or negative reward that motivates
  6. hierarchy of needs
    Maslow's pyramid; once our lower level needs are met we look to satisfy higher needs
  7. glucose
    sugar that is the major source of energy for the body tissues. when it is low you become hungry
  8. lateral hypothalmus
    sides of the hypothalamus that brings on hunger stimulation which leads to eating. Orexin is the hunger hormone
  9. ventromedial hypothalmus
    depresses hunger stimulation = stop eating; destroy = more hunger (rats get fat); in the lower mid-hypothalamus
  10. set point
    the point as which an individual's weight thermostate is supposedly set. When the body goes below this weight an increase in hunger and a lowered metabolism rate may act to restore the lost weight
  11. settling point
    indicates the level at which a person's weight settles in response to calorie intake and expenditure (influence by environment and biology)
  12. basal metabolism rate
    the body's resting rate of energy expenditure
  13. Neophobia
    dislike of things unfamiliar makes one adaptive
  14. unit bias
    eat more with bigger portion sizes
  15. anorexia nervosa
    diets and becomes increasingly underweight yet continues to starve
  16. bullimia nervosa
    characterized by episodes of overeating, usually of high-calorie foods; followed by vomiting, laxative use, fasting or excessive excerise
  17. Binge-eating disorder
    significant binge eating episodes followed by distress, disgust or guilt but without the compensatory purging etc of bulimia nervosa.
  18. sexual response cycle
    4 stages of sexual responding described by Masters and Johnson - excitement  plateau, orgasm and resolution
  19. refractory period
    a resting period after oragasim , during which a man cannot achieve another oragasim
  20. estrogen
    female hormone
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