1. Explain the content/impact of AAA? and TVA?
    Agricultural Adjustment Act

    • It was to help farmers who had been hard hit by the
    • depression.

    • Part of New Deal Laws
    • Pay farmers to limit their over production of
    • crops and livestock. Such cutbacks
    • would help bring the supply of agricultural products more in line with the
    • demands for them causing the prices to rise.

    • It was not successful because people had already
    • planted their crops and many animals had given birth to the young and if they
    • killed the crops and animals it would be just wasteful and immoral.

    Tennessee Valley Authority

    • It was to turn the running river water power into
    • electricity.

    • Provided Funds for the development and
    • electrification of the Tennessee River Authority.

    • It also aimed to enrich the land and hydrate the
    • land to create fish filled lakes that would create tourism and provide jobs for
    • the residents.
  2. Briefly describe TWO of these speakers proposals.
    Dr. Francis Townsend
    Father Charles Coughlin
    Senator Huey Long
    • Established the Townsend plan
    • 1.
    • Ask every person over the age 60 to retire freeing
    • jobs for young.
    • 2.
    • Guarantee monthly pensions of $200 to retired
    • citizens 60 or older.
    • 3.
    • Had to spend all of the money in 30 days.

    Senator Huey Long

    He opposed FDR’s programs

    Senator Huey Long

    • 1.
    • Pushed through new taxes in Louisiana to raise
    • fund for schools and hospitals that would serve the poor.

    • 2.
    • He launched a campaign called Share Our Wealth. Longs
    • proposal was all incomes above $5 million dollars would be confiscated and
    • redistributed, providing each family with a $5000 dollar income.
  3. Discuss america's entry into WWII by describing what
    germanys expansion and lend lease act

    Pearl Harbor

    Coral sea

    D-day Bulge
    CH 15 - 16


    Germany’s expansion and Lend Lease Act

    • ·
    • Germany, seeking to increase its territory, took
    • control of Austria and Czechoslovakia, two weeks neighboring countries. Germany
    • soon invaded Poland which brought U.S into the war.

    • ·
    • January 1941, Roosevelt proposed the Lend Lease
    • Bill. This gave the president the right to sell, lend, or lease military
    • supplies to any nation deemed “vital to the defense of the United States.” More than $50 billion dollars in
    • weapons, vehicles and other supplies would go to support the Allies.

    Pearl Harbor

    • U.S knew that Japan
    • would eventually come. They suspected attack on Malaya or the Philippines.
    • Yamamoto launched an attack to Pearl Harbor knocking us off our feet. We never
    • saw the attack coming.

    • l Coral
    • Sea - American Carrier
    • based planes bombarded the Japanese fleet. Stopping the Japanese advance
    • towards Australia.

    • l D-Day – Largest combined land-sea-air attack in
    • history. U.S would try to sweep Germans out of France. D-day was successful.

    • l Battle of the Bulge – Final German offensive of
    • the War.
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