Nav exam 2

  1. The nearest to maximum altitude a continuous wave RADALT will usually indicate is?

  2. Advantages of the gyrostabilised remote indicating compass over the direct reading magnetic compass are?
    reduced turning errors, reduced deviation and salvable output.
  3. Advantages of the direct reading magnetic compass over the gyrostabilised remote indicating compass are?
    not reliant on external power, simple construction and economical.
  4. Aircraft weather radar suffers from attenuation, The term attenuation means?
    weakening of the transmission and returns
  5. The principale advantage of the IVSI or the VSI is ?
    The IVSI utilises an inertial system to assist in climb and descent.
  6. One advantage of the gyro over the remote indicating compass is?
    Turning and acceleration errors are minimised.
  7. The flux valve on the RMI is located? Not bootstrap....
    LOcated in a remote area such as the wing or tail section of the aircraft.
  8. CAS is?
    IAS corrected for pressure"position error" instrument error.
  9. With regards the RMI having constant oscillation of the annunciator indicates.
    The system is operating normally
  10. A blocked static vent on the ASI will cause?
    under read on a descent.
  11. The worst error on a gyrostabilised magnetic compass is ?
  12. When using a weather radar the most turbulent areas will be identified by?
    the closest contours near the avoid area.
  13. During a descent the pitot tube becomes blocked the asi will read
    under read PUDSUC
  14. The ability for the airborne weather radar to distinguish between targets at the same altitude and bearing at different ranges is determined by ?
    pulse length.
  15. Continues wave weather radar is?
    Radio altimeters 2500ft accuracy
  16. Weather radar suffers from attenuation, the term "attenuation" means
    weakening of radar transmission and returns
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