Cre 101 ch 9

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  1. How
    do Browne and Keeley define research
  2. *Research study:
    • usally a systematic collection of observation by people trained to do
    • scientific research.
  3. what are three
    characteristics or components that contribute to its reliability?
    • *verifiability,
    • control, and precision.
  4. *What
    are nine questions to help you decide whether research findings are
    • 1) What is the
    • quality-is it done by expert, 2) Other than the quality of the
    • source-is it well done, 3) Has the study been replicated-same
    • conclusion. 4) How selective has the communication been in the
    • choosing studies-selected only the ones that supported the
    • conclusion. 5) Is there any evidence of strong-sense critical
    • thinking. 6) Is there any reason for someone to have distorted the
    • research? 7) Are conditions in the research artificial and therefore
    • distorted? 8) How far can we generalize. 9) Are there any biases
  5. *What
    are three factors to consider when evaluating a research sample?
    • 1) The sample must be
    • large enough to justify the generalization or conclusion. 2) the
    • sample must possess as much breadth, or diversity as the types of
    • events about which conclusions are to be drawn. 3) The more random
    • the sample, the better it is.
  6. *What
    is the problem of overgeneralization?
    Problem is there is not enough attention to the limits of sampling.
  7. *What
    are three possible problems with surveys?
    • 1)if the person is
    • honest. 2) Ambiguous in the wording. 3) biased wording and biased
    • context
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