1. abnormal
    not usual, not typical, strange
  2. adequate
    enough, sufficient
  3. anonymous
    unnamed, without the name of the person involved, unknown, lacking individuality
  4. bellow
    to make a sound similar to that of a bull, roar, a loud angry roar
  5. beneficiary
    one who benefits from something, a person who is left money or other property in a will
  6. brawl
    a loud quarrel or fight
  7. cache
    a hiding place, something hidden or stored
  8. canvass
    to go through an area to procure votes, sales, or opinions, to go over in great detail, to discuss
  9. dilapidated
    falling apart or ruined, run-down
  10. disputatious
    inclined to argue or debate, provoking debate
  11. domestic
    native to a country, not foreign, relating to a household
  12. downtrodden
    treated unfairly and cruelly, oppressed
  13. dynamic
    active, energetic, forceful
  14. emblem
    a symbol, sign, token
  15. eradicate
    to get rid of, to root out, destroy completely
  16. fledgling
    an inexperienced person, beginner, a young bird
  17. futile
    not successful, failing to have any result, useless, unimportant, frivolous
  18. graphic
    lifelike, vivid, relating to the pictorial arts
  19. heartrending
    causing mental pain or grief
  20. implore
    demand forcefully, clamor for
  21. incentive
    a reason for doing something, something that stimulates action
  22. innumerable
    too many to count, without number
  23. legible
    easily read
  24. lethargic
    slow moving, dull, indifferent, unnaturally sleepy
  25. melancholy
    sad, gloomy, unhappy, sadness, gloominess
  26. narrative
    a story, a detailed report, having the quality of a story
  27. nomadic
    wandering, moving from place to place
  28. notorious
    widely known because of bad conduct
  29. parch
    to make dry and thirsty, to shrivel with heat
  30. Pending
    waiting to be settled, until
  31. perjury
    the act of swearing to a lie
  32. pervade
    to spread throughout
  33. piecemeal
    piece by piece, gradually, one piece at a time
  34. prescribe
    to order for medical purposes, to order as a rule or course to be followed
  35. prior
    earlier, former
  36. prudent
    cautious, careful, showing good sense
  37. puny
    of less than normal strength or size, of no importance
  38. random
    by chance, not planned or prearranged, irregular
  39. regal
    royal, kinglike, fit for a king
  40. Reluctant
    unwilling, holding back
  41. remnant
    a small part remaining behind
  42. seclusion
    isolation from others, solitude
  43. shirk
    to avoid or get out of doing work, neglect a duty, to sneak
  44. surplus
    an amount beyond what is required, excess, more than what is needed
  45. turmoil
    a state of great confusion or disorder, mental strain or agitation
  46. utmost
    the extreme limit, greatest, highest, farthest
  47. vigilant
    wide-awake, alert
  48. vindictive
    bearing a grudge, feeling or showing a strong tendency towards revenge
  49. wilt
    to become limp and drooping like a flower, wither, to lose strength
  50. wrath
    intense anger
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