Bio Midterm

  1. Who is the father of genetics?
    Gregor Mendel
  2. What did Gregor Mendel work with?
    Pea Plants
  3. Define Dominant
    trait that masks another
  4. Define recessive
    trait that is masked by dominant ones
  5. Define homozygous versus heterozygous
    same allele in homo, hetero is different
  6. Define phenotype
    appearance due to genotype
  7. Define genotype
    genetic makeup
  8. What is the probability of having three girls in a row?
  9. In a dihybrid cross what is the phenotypic ratio?
  10. What is the difference between incomplete dominance and codominance?
    • Incomplete- mix of two alleles ie pink rose
    • Codominance- both alleles are expressed ie spotted cat
  11. Define diploid and give an example
    2 autosomes for each homologous pair, ie every cell in a human except sperm and egg
  12. Define haploid and give an example
    Only have one set of chromosomes- ie sperm and egg
  13. Compare/Contrast Mitosis and Meiosis
    -funcion in animals
    -# of division sequences
    -# of resulting cells
    -Chromosome # in resulting cells
    • Mitosis
    • - cell growth
    • -one division
    • -two new cells
    • -forty-six chromosomes
    • Meiosis
    • -reproduction, formation of gametes
    • - two divison sequences
    • -four new cells
    • -twenty-three chromosomes
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