test 6

  1. fingernails
    1/4" past fingertips.  clean and well manicured
  2. rings
    max of 3 at any 1 time
  3. earings
    not wear while on duty
  4. necklaces
    only 1 may be worn.  it shall be worn under the uniform shirt and not visible
  5. bracelets
    in addition to wristwatches, one wrist bracelet may be worn but no wider than 1" and not present a safety hazzard
  6. hair shall not interfere with___.  shall not cover more than___and shall not ___
    • the use of protective or safety equipment
    • the top half of the ear
    • touch the eyebrows
  7. if hair is longer than___below the top of the collar it must be secured back.
    shall not hang more than___below the top of the collar of the house shirt
    • 2"
    • 6"
  8. visible tattoos cannot be _,_, distract from the professional appearance, or interfere with on-duty actions and responsibilities. Excessive tattoos (___) shall not be exposed or visible
    • obscene, offensive
    • 25% of the exposed body part and those above the collarbone or readily visible when wearing an open collar
  9. Mayday is for when a member becomes_,_,_, or in any way needs immediate assitance while operating in a hazardous environment
    lost, trapped, or injured
  10. upon recognition of mayday call, Command will announce "__"
    emergency traffic
  11. ESCAPE
    • ENGINE
  12. others not involved in mayday rescue will switch to alternate channel__
  13. wear white shirt with blue options on weekends and holidays or when approved by the chief
    chief officer/admin personnel
  14. house uniform shall be worn__
    whenever the FF is outside of the station betw.  0830-1700 and during inspections, classes, mtgs, tours, and when meeting with the public
  15. exceptions to house shirt
    • hydrant inspections
    • drills
    • station/yard maint
    • -worn as the supervisor directs betw. 1700-0830
  16. fire chief collar insignia
    5 gold crossed bugles
  17. deputy chief collar insignia
    4 gold brossed bugles
  18. BC collar insignia
    captain collar insignia
    • 2 gold crossed bugles
    • 2 gold parallel bugles
  19. additional items allowed per year:
    safety glasses
    • 2
    • 2
    • 2
    • 3
  20. contract betw. city. co., and/or special district where they work independently but pool resources during large events
    joint powers agreement
  21. NFPA standard for dispatch
  22. provides a single answering point for emergency calls
    basic 911
  23. allows dispatch to see phone # and address of caller
    enhanced 911
  24. what is the difference betw primary and secondary PSAP?
    primary handles LE calls
  25. LESS URGENT RESPONSE CALLS (non emergency)
    still alarms
  26. "urgent transimssions" is called out for what kind of situations?
    • non threatening injury to FF
    • change in operations
    • structural problems
    • loss of water
    • fire discovered
    • delay that occurs
  27. what is PAS?
    personnel accountability system.  nametags used for tracking
  28. what are the 3 levels of PAS?
    • 1-shift change
    • 2-working fires
    • 3-multiple companies-accountability officer handles
  29. simplest form of conventional radio system. 1 channel for initiating and receiveing traffic
    simplex or direct
  30. multiple users can transmit at the same time. dispatch can transmit and receive at the same time but users cant
  31. 2 frequencies can be active all the time. dispatch can transmit and receive simultaneously
  32. readjusts frequencies used for conversation.  doesnt require a dedicated channel.  uses data or control channel system
  33. predefined users of trunked system
    talk groups
  34. permanently mounted radios on apparatus
  35. FD must provide hearing protection at what level?
    90 decibels
  36. transmitting and receiving functions are combined in mobile and protable radios.  called ___
  37. 7 steps to scientific method
    • ID problem
    • define problem
    • collect data
    • analyze data
    • develop hypothesis
    • test hypothesis
    • select final hypothesis
  38. arson fires aka_
  39. tangible physical evidence
  40. evidence in written form
  41. data based on observation or experience
  42. michigan v taylor
    warrant not needed
  43. EO #1 SLC has a strong commitment to_ _ _
    equal employment opportunity
  44. 3 types of sex harrasment-when it_
    1. condition of employment 2. used as basis for decision making regarding employee 3. interferes w/ work
  45. potential harassment situations:
    display of _ _
    inappropriate__ _
    disparaging remarks
    • gossip
    • inappropriate materials
    • humor
    • gestures
    • physical contact
  46. who can you report harasment to?
    • any supervisor
    • HR
    • EEOC
    • city attorney
  47. department values:
    • safety
    • service
    • trust
    • leadership
    • responsibilty
  48. what are the classifications of fire?
    • accidental
    • incendiary
    • natural
    • undetermined
  49. destruction of evidence so that another interested party cant have access to it
  50. burn patterns=
  51. trasport vehicles should be considered a _
    structure fire
  52. measures the quantity of electrons moving through a conductor in 1 sec
  53. responsible for moving electrons through a conductor (compared to pressure)
  54. nordstrum valve turns_
    1/8 of a turn
  55. hose loads:2.5" rear preconnected
    how many high rises packs
    corona is what?
    • 250
    • 4 x 50'
    • 1.75" x 100'
    • 1" x 200'
  56. occurs when bldg is cooler that outside.  smoke goes down
    reverse stack effect
  57. high rise arrival concerns
    • ID fire floor
    • attack w/ at least 3 companies
    • life safety
    • water supply
    • size up of fire floor and 1 above
  58. where is staging located in high rise?
    outside HZ. min. of 200' location with easy access
  59. who is located in resourse?
    medical and RIT
  60. time betw. inital alarm and when FFs are on floor ready to attack
    reflex time
  61. tactical priorities of high rise
    • FF safety
    • Rx: Protect Life(find, evacuate, shelter)
    • control of incident
    • protperty conservation
  62. stairways with roof hatches and scittles are used for:
    stairways w/out the roof openings are used for:
    • ventilation
    • Rx and evac
  63. 3 systems to control in high rise
    • fire suppression system
    • HVAC
    • elevators
  64. at what involvement may command abandon direct attack and prepare for deluge of 2 upper floors?
  65. functions of truckies
    • force entry
    • gain access
    • vent
    • support engine ops
    • rx
    • IRIT
  66. 3 alarm consists of:
    _DC or AC
    _heavy rescue
    communication chief
    • 1
    • 2 BCs
    • 4 engine (total of 12)
    • 2 trucks (total of 6)
    • 1 heavy rx (total of 2)
  67. confirmed working fire by units on scene
    3 alarm
  68. report of fire, visible smoke, confirming calls
    2 alarm
  69. possible smoke in high rise.  semll of smoke, mo visible fire, no confirming calls
    1st alarm
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