BMS191 Topic Questions week 1

  1. What is the study of Anatomy?
    The study of body structures and their relationships to each other.
  2. What is the study of Physiology?
    The study of the processes by which the body functions.
  3. Why study anatomy and physiology?
    The two are related subjects. Their study is essential for fields such as health care, sports science, nutrition and so on. These fields of study provide a common language for scientists and medical professionals worldwide.'s fun.
  4. What are the six characteristics of living organisms?
    • 1. Metabolism.
    • 2. Responsiveness.
    • 3. Movement.
    • 4. Growth.
    • 5. Specialisation.
    • 6. Reproduction.
  5. What are the six levels of structural organisation in the human body?
    • 1. Chemical.
    • 2. Cellular.
    • 3. Tissue.
    • 4. Organ.
    • 5. Organ system.
    • 6. Organism.
  6. What are the eleven organ systems of the human body?
    • 1. Integumentary.
    • 2. Skeletal.
    • 3. Muscular.
    • 4. Nervous.
    • 5. Endocrine.
    • 6. Cardiovascular.
    • 7. Lymphatic.
    • 8. Respiratory.
    • 9. Digestive.
    • 10. Urinary.
    • 11. Reproductive.
  7. What is metabolism?
    The sum of all chemical processes that take place within an organism.

    • Catabolism: Breaking down of molecules
    • Anabolism: Building up of molecules
  8. What is responsiveness?
    The ability to detect and respond to changes in the internal and external environment.
  9. What is movement?
    The movement of a whole organism, some tissue, a single or cell or even intracellular parts.
  10. What is growth?
    An increase in the size of an organism. This is due to increase in the size of a set of cells, an increase in the number of cells or an increase in surrounding material.
  11. What is differentiation?
    The process by which cells become specialised for a specific function.
  12. What is reproduction?
    The growth of new cells for organism growth or repair.

    The creation of a new individual organism.
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