Circulatory quiz

  1. The brain is supplied by 4 trunk vessels or great vessels
    • 1. Right common carotid 
    • 2. Left commonc arotid
    • 3. Right vertebral arteries
    • 4. Left vertebral arteries
  2. What part of the brain does the left & right common carotid arteries supply?
    Anterior or posterior
    Anterior  circulation
  3. What part of the brain does the left & right vertebral arteries supply?
    Posterior or anterior
    Posterior circulation pg 50  v-3
  4. The 1st branch of the aortic arch is called
    Innominate or brachiocephalic pg50 v-3
  5. The first branch of the aortic arch is the Innominate aka brachiocephalic bifercates into
    Right common carotid and right subclavian artery
  6. Second branch of aortic is the
    Left common carotid followed by the left subclavian artery
  7. 1.Each common carotid artery passes.....and ......
    Than divides into......and.........
    2. Divides into internal and external carotid arteries
    Superiorly and laterly along side the trachea and larynx to the level C4
  8. External carotid arteries contribute blood supply to the
    Extracranial and extraaxial circulation
  9. The internal carotid artery enters the crainium through
    And bifercates.....
    • The carotid foramen of the temporal bone
    • And bifercates into the anterior and middle cerebral arteries
    • They branch and rebranch to supply anterior circulation of therespective hemispher of the brain
  10. Vertebral arteries acend through the
    Cervical transverse foramin and pass medially to enter through the foramin magnum
  11. Vertebral arteries unit to form....
    The Basilar artery....
  12. Basilar artery , follows a short superior course along the
    Posterior surface of the right and left posterior cerebral arteries
  13. Vertebral and Basilar arteries supply blood to
    The posterior fossa (Cerebellum)
  14. The anterior and posterior cerbral arteries are connected to by the level of............
    To and from......
    • Communicating arteries
    • Level of theMidbrain
    • The circle of Willis
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