World History Unit Nine Terms

  1. Cloning
    Creating genetically identical plants and animals from cells of existing plants or animals.
  2. Cyber terrorism
    Politically motivated attacks on information systems (computers)
  3. Emerging Nation
    A nation in which the process of industrialization is not yet complete
  4. Developed Nation
    Nation with all the facilities needed for the advanced production of manufactured goods.
  5. Free Trade
    Commerce between nations without economic restrictions or barriers (such as tariffs)
  6. Gender inequality
    The difference between men and women in terms of wealth and status
  7. Genetic Engineering
    A transferring of genes from one living thing to another in order to produce an organism with new traits.
  8. Global Economy
    All the financial interactions - involving people, businesses, and governments - that cross international boundaries.
  9. Green Revolution
    20th Century attempt to increase food resources worldwide, involving the use of fertilizers and pesticides and the development of disease resistant crops.
  10. Internet
    Linkage of computer networks that enables people around the world to exchange information and communicate with one another.
  11. Materialism
    Placing of high value on acquiring of material possessions.
  12. Multinational Corporations
    Companies that are headquartered in one nation, but have offices and facilities around the world.
  13. Ozone layer
    Earth's upper atmosphere, which protects living things from the sun's damaging ultra violet rays.
  14. Political Dissent
    The difference in opinon over political issues.
  15. Popular Culture
    Cultural elements - sports, music, movies, clothing, and so forth - that reflects a groups common background and changing interests.
  16. Proliferation
    Growth or spread - especially the spread of nuclear weapons to nations that do not currently have them.
  17. Refugee
    A person who leaves his or her country to move to another to find safety.
  18. Sustainable Growth
    Economic Development that meets people's needs but preserves the environment and conserves resources for future generations.
  19. Terrorism
    The use of forces or threats to frighten people or governments to change their policies.
  20. World Trade Organization (WTO)
    Group of developed nations which attempt to creat global economic policies and assist emerging and developing nations.
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