Vocab Final

  1. Stentorian
    loud, powerful
  2. Pernicious
    causing harm; ruinous
  3. Histrionic
    deliberately emotional; overly dramatic
  4. Mordant
    sharply caustic, biting
  5. Captious
    faultfinding; difficult to please
  6. Ribald
    vulgar or indecent language
  7. Circumspect
    watchful and discreet; cautious
  8. Expropriate
    take possession for public use
  9. Wizened
    withered; shriveled
  10. Posit
    assume as fact and principle; postulate
  11. Feckless
    ineffective; futile
  12. Pique
    affect with sharp irritation and resentment
  13. Malaise
    general bodily weakness or discomfort
  14. Insouciance
    nonchalance, lack of concern
  15. Draconian
    excessively harsh
  16. Obstreperous
    noisy; resisting control; unruly
  17. Melange
    A mixture
  18. Protean
    Taking varied shapes, forms and meanings.
  19. Quiescence
    Quiet, inactive or motionless.
  20. Rife
    Frequently occuring, widespread in existence
  21. Inchoate
    Not yet completed, or just begun; unorganized.
  22. Quotidian
    Happens customarily; daily basis
  23. Bilious
    Peevish, irritable, cranky
  24. Jejune
    Without interest or significance, dull, insipid
  25. Adumbrate
    To darken or conceal, overshadow
  26. Raconteur
    Skilled in relating stories or anecdotes
  27. Zephyr
    gentle, mild breeze
  28. Coterie
    exclusive group; clique
  29. Impugn
    challenge as false; cast doubt
  30. Raffish
    mildly or engagingly disreputable, nonconformist
  31. Bacchanal
    drunken reveler
  32. Eviscerate
  33. Miasma
    dangerous, foreboding influence or atmosphere
  34. Gauche
    lacking social grace, awkward, crude, tactless
  35. Peccadillo
    minor sin or offence
  36. Pejorative
    disparaging, derogatory, belittling effect
  37. Unconscionable
  38. Apotheosis
    ideal example, epitome
  39. Unctuous
    excessive piousness
  40. Sanction
    authoritative permission or approval
  41. Genteel
    Well bred, refined
  42. Abnegate
  43. Saccharine
    Sentimental, excessively sweet
  44. Largess
    Generous gift-giving; condescending
  45. Lampoon
    Sharp satire against and institution
  46. Denizen
  47. Rapacious
    Greedy, Predatory
  48. Gimcrack
    showy, but useless trifle
  49. Ablution
    cleansing with water or liquid; religious ritual
  50. Gastronome
    enjoying good food; epicurean
  51. Habitue
    frequen or habitual visitor
  52. Monolithic
    made of one piece (of stone); massiveness, uniformity, rigidty
  53. Contiguous
    Touching, or close to
  54. Axiomatic
    Obvious, self-evident
  55. Covetous
    inordinately desirious of wealth; greedy
  56. Ineluctable
  57. Nihilistic
    Rejection of established laws and institutions; rejection of reality
  58. Blatherskite
    nonsense, blather
  59. Requital
    Repayment; reward for kindness or punishment for wrong
  60. Carp
  61. Feign
  62. Ponderous
    Great weight
  63. Inauspicious
    not favorable
  64. Indubitable
  65. Capricious
    impulsive, unpredictable
  66. Ignominy
    Dishonor, humiliation; disgraceful
  67. Impropriety
  68. Erudite
    Learned, wise
  69. Obviate
  70. Verdure
  71. Ascetic
    self discipline, life without comfort
  72. Blasphemous
    impiously irreverant
  73. Vestige
    trace, evidence
  74. Sycophant
    win favour through flattery
  75. Pretext
    excuse; conceal
  76. Expiate
  77. Prate
  78. Perennial
    active through the year(s)
  79. Duplicity
    deceptive in behaviour or speech; deliberate
  80. Undulate
    wavelike motion
  81. Pathos
    arouses pity, sympathy, sorrow; feeling of tenderness or pity
  82. Noisome
    offensive, disgusting; harmful or dangerous
  83. Petulance
    Unreasonably ill-tempered, contemptuous
  84. Languid
    Weak, listless, lacking vigour, slow
  85. Transgression
    exceeding bounds or limits
  86. Ameliorate
  87. Panacea
  88. Ephemeral
    Short time
  89. Timorous
  90. Disapprobation
    Moral disapproval
  91. Obdurate
  92. Mirth
    Gladness and gaiety
  93. Superfluous
    Beyond required
  94. Quixotic
    Idealistic, impractical, romantic
  95. Felicitous
    Apt; Marked by happiness, good fortune
  96. Obeisance
    Curtsy; homage
  97. Stultify
  98. Obfuscate
    Confused, difficult to understand; darken
  99. Scurrilous
  100. Effrontery
    boldness; presumptuousness
  101. Lugubrious
    mournful, to exaggeration
  102. Insular
    living on island
  103. Odious
    meriting strong dislike, aversion
  104. Jocund
    lighthearted, merry
  105. Empathetic
    Understanding another's situation or feelings
  106. Hegemony
    Dominance of one state over others
  107. Abdicate
    Relinquish power
  108. Bombastic
  109. Incipient
    Beginning to exsist
  110. Hortatory
  111. Halcyon
    Calm and Peaceful
  112. Anomaly
    Deviation from norm; difficult to classify
  113. Circuitous
    taking a roundabout course
  114. Sanguine
    Ruddy, Optimistic
  115. Nebulous
    Unclear, vague
  116. Arcane
  117. Pusillanimous
  118. Parity
    Equal in amount/status
  119. Cursory
    Little attention to detail, hastily
  120. Neophyte
  121. Debauchery
    Moral corruption
  122. Fledgling
    Young, inexperienced
  123. Abstemious
  124. Preen
    dress with care
  125. Dogmatic
    stubbornly holding beliefs; opinions as facts
  126. Acumen
    mental acuity
  127. Vapid
    literally tasteless; boring
  128. Laconic
    concise, few words
  129. Mendacity
  130. Avarice
    Exteme greed
  131. Diatribe
  132. Ennui
    Boredom, listlessness
  133. Germane
    Fitting, appropriate
  134. Ingenuous
    Unsophisticated, honest
  135. Hubris
  136. Mercurial
    volatile; changing tempermant
  137. Fecund
  138. Polemical
  139. Sedulous
    perservering; busy
  140. Abscond
    leave secretly; hide
  141. Endemic
    prevalent in a peculiar area
  142. Exigent
    Pressing, urgent
  143. Sanctimonious
    hypocritically pious
  144. Chary
    cautious; sparing
  145. Dearth
    scarce supply
  146. Demagogue
    leader through emotions
  147. Hedonist
    pursuit and devotion to pleasure
  148. Insipid
    lacking zest; lacking interest; dull
  149. Perfidious
    Deliberately breaching faith
  150. Enervate
    to weaken the strength or vitality
  151. Impassive
    emotionless; unrevealing of emotion
  152. Renege
    Fail to carry out a promise
  153. Surfeit
    over-indulgence; excessive
  154. Phlegmatic
    unemotional; calm
  155. Vituperate
    berate abusively
  156. Platitude
    trite remark; hackneyed
  157. Aver
    to assert, declare
  158. Invidious
    cause envy or ill will; implying a slight
  159. Sybarite
    devoted to pleasure and luxury
  160. Incarnate
    personified, bodily nature
  161. Beneficent
    charitable; kind
  162. Licentious
    lacking morals, restraint
  163. Prescient
    having knowledge before something happens
  164. Perspicacious
    clear-sighted, acute in understanding
  165. Insidious
    working harmfully but subtly, treacherous, beguiling
  166. Diabolical
    evil, satanic
  167. Tacit
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