Lección 4-more

  1. salir
    salgo, sales, sale, salimos, salís, salen
    to go out  (form)
  2. hacer
    hago, haces, hace, hacemos, hacéis, hacen
    to do, make  (form)
  3. poner
    pongo, pones, pone, ponemos, ponéis, ponen
    to put, place  (form)
  4. traer
    traigo, traes, traemos, traéis, traen
    to bring (form)
  5. conducir
    conduzco, conduces, conduce, conducimos, conducís, conducen
    to drive, to conduct (form)
  6. traducir
    traduzco, traduces, traduce, traducimos, traducís, traducen
    to translate  (form)
  7. conocer
    conozco, conoces, conoce, conocemos, conocéis, conocen
    to know  (form)
  8. caber
    quepo, caces, cabe, cabemos, cabéis, caben
    to fit (form)
  9. ver
    veo, ves, ve, vemos, veis, ven
    to see (form)
  10. saber
    sé, sabes, sabe, sabemos, sabéis, saben
    to know (form)
  11. conocer vs saber
    saber-to know something by heart, how to do something (learned skill), or know a fact.

    conocer- to be familiar or acquainted with a person, a thing, a place.
  12. La a personal (rules)
    • personal a (rules)
    • used before a direct object referring to a specific person or persons. no English equivalent.
    • not used when object is place or thing.
    • seldom used following tener.
    • also used when referring too pets
  13. al & del (rules)
    • a + el = al
    • de + el = del
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