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  1. Voltage is represented by what letter?
  2. Charge represented by what letter?
  3. The rate of electron flow in an electrical circuit is what?
  4. The amount of electron crowding refers to what?
    Current density
  5. energy is the product of what?
    Power and time
  6. Define power?
    Rate of doing work
  7. Passive and active elements of a circuit consume or use what?
  8. What type of circuit is not carrying any current?
  9. Large Load circuits require what type of disconnects?
  10. How do alternate action and momentary switches differ?
    Momentary switches returned home after release
  11. What switches can be used to switch between more than 2 circuits?
    Rotary switches
  12. What switches are used to detect hydraulic oil levels?
    Reed switches
  13. What is the positive terminal of a diode known as?
  14. What type of bias is it when a diode is connected in the proper polarity as current passes through it?
  15. The output of a transistor is known as a what?
  16. What is an example of a analog IC?
    Electronic voltage regulator
  17. Digital ics are used in binary processes and what?
  18. electricity is applied to what of a solenoid?
  19. Linear force of a solenoid is determined by what?
    Number of turns in the coil
  20. Electricity travels at what speed?
    Speed of light
  21. When a materials electrons have become aligned and creates a force external to its self it is called a what?
  22. When a loop of wire is rotated between the poles of a magnet what are made to flow through the wire?
  23. What allows the generation of pulsing direct current?
  24. when comparing flow of electricity through a wire to water flowing through a pipe what is similar to the water pressure?
  25. How many times does AC current reverse its polarity each cycle?
  26. Passing a conductor through magnetic field in generating a current is known as what?
    Inducing a current
  27. One magnet is made to turn inside of another magnet in a motor by switching what of the turning magnet?
  28. Instead of using a permanent magnet to generate a stationary magnetic field most motors use what?
    Field coils
  29. What does the stator consist of?
    Core and winding inside the motor
  30. The magnet that turns inside the motor is called the what?
  31. A motor that runs on AC or DC is a what kind of motor?
  32. The device used to change the voltage level of alternating current is a what?
  33. Atoms bind together in a molecule using ________ energy.
  34. ________ is the force developed by a motor and applied to a shaft.
  35. What is the method used to start a DC generator turning?
  36. What are the three causes of overheating ball bearings?
    • overpacked grease
    • improper lubrication
    • misalignment
  37. What is defined as an electrical connection between the wiring of a motor and its metal frame work?
  38. Dust and foreign particles are cleaned from electrical equipment while limiting damage to electrical components by what?
  39. What type of AC single phase motors will also operate on direct current?
    Series wound
  40. What is used aboard ships with AC generators to step-up or step-down voltage?
  41. The reversal of an AC, three phase, induction motor is accomplished by what?
    Interchanging the leads
  42. If the frequency is reduced from 60 to 55 hertz on a 120/240 volt three phase motor, the motor would what?
    slow down
  43. On a diesel electric plant, raising the field excitation will cause the DC propulsion motor to what?
    increase in speed
  44. Adding resistance in series with field winding of a DC shunt motor without a load, will cause the motor speed to what?
  45. The item referred to as a pigtail on a DC motor brush rigging is a what?
    uninsulated wire
  46. The electrolyte used in a nickel cadmium battery is distilled water and what?
    potassium hydroxide
  47. The number of cells in a 12 volt lead acid battery is what?
  48. What is the electrolyte in a lead acid storage battery?
    distilled water and sulfuric acid
  49. What is the formula to calculate MMF?
    Amps x Number of turns = Ampere turns
  50. The opposition to the establishment of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic circuit is the circuits _________.
  51. All of the conductors in a DC series circuit have the same what?
  52. The total voltage of a series circuit is the ____________.
    sum of individual voltage drops
  53. The total power used up in a series circuit is __________.
    sum of the powers used
  54. What are the components of a fluorescent lighting system?
    • lamps
    • ballast
    • started
  55. The source of emergency lighting and power at loss of normal ships power on a cargo vessel should be obtained from the what?
    Emergency generator to emergency switch board
  56. The voice signal generated by a sound powered phone transmitter is proportional to what?
    Amplitude and frequency striking the diaphragm.
  57. Main engine room control console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, meaning that an open circuit to a particular alarm circuit will what?
    cause an alarm
  58. When the console indicating lamp burns out, attempt to renew it should not be made while maneuvering because why?
    it can cause a ground or short of a vital function
  59. What has an measurable effect on AC circuits?
    Capacitors, inductors, resistors
  60. On a DC generator, a rheostat is connected in series with the shunt field to adjust what?
    field current
  61. An AC generator output is generated in the what?
    armature windings
  62. Contactors of a magnetic controller are operated by what?
    electromechanical devices
  63. The current coil of a watt meter or ammeter must be connected how?
    in series with the load
  64. What minimizes the stroboscopic effect of fluorescent lamps that operate on a 3 phase AC circuit?
    Operate lamps at more than one phase
  65. What type of bearing are used in large propulsion generators and motors?
    journal bearings
  66. What is an acceptable resistance reading for the ground connection between the ships hull and the metal frame of a portable drill?
    less than 1 ohm
  67. What indicates ball bearing malfunction in operating machinery?
    high temperatures and loss of speed
  68. Dirt, moisture, and oil in generator and motor ventilation ducts cause overheating by?
    not allowing heat to dissipate
  69. What is the unit for capacitance?
  70. When field resistance is increased voltage will what?
  71. What is provided by the exciter on an AC generator?
    Direct current to field windings
  72. What 3 steps are taken prior to working on a high voltage circuit?
    • Remove power
    • Discharge capacitors
    • ground the circuit
  73. Aboard a ship, selective tripping does what?
    Isolates faulty circuits
  74. AC generator frequency varies directly with what?
    rotor speed
  75. What type of overload relays requires a time delay before resetting?
  76. What is the preferred method for cleaning motors and generators?
  77. What is the minimum amount of electric current that can cause fatal shock?
    10 milliamps
  78. What must occur to reverse propeller rotation in a diesel electric DC propulsion system?
    Change polarity of generator terminal voltage
  79. What is the basis of electricity?
    transfer of electrons
  80. What type of charge does an electron carry?
  81. What is an example of a variable?
  82. What do coulombs measure?
  83. What are the conditions necessary to produce electromotive force in a generator?
    conductor capable carrying current moving in a magnetic field
  84. What is the phenomena of counter electromotive force?
    Generator action in a motor
  85. Why do electrical contactors move when energized?
    Magnetic lines of flux pull the movable permeable core into the coil
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