Ch. 28-29 Review for Test

  1. smuggled illegal alcohol from Canada
  2. set up League of Women Voters
    Carrie Chapman Catt
  3. people in US couldn't buy or sell alcohol
  4. to reduce a nation's weapons of war
  5. small fashions that dies out quickly
  6. buying with one down payment and many monthly payments
    installment buying
  7. best baseball player of his time
    Babe Ruthe
  8. wrote Farewell to Arms
    Ernest Hemingway
  9. organized the "Back to Africa" movement
    Marcus Garby
  10. defeated Al Smith in election of 1928
    Herbert Hoover
  11. what Warren Harding called the return to life before World War 1
  12. experience of blacks in US during
    Harlem Renaissance
  13. believed success in American business meant success for Americans
    Calvin Coolidge
  14. first movie w/ soundtrack
    Jazz Singer
  15. showed nations wanted to avoid another war
    Bryant-Kelloggs Pact
  16. ban on manufacture and sale of alcohol + women's suffrage was all achieved by
  17. women won the right to do what in 1920
  18. stock prices rise during this kind of a market
    Bull Market
  19. increased by the increase of the automobile industry
    gas stations, tourist cabins, restaurants
  20. quota system and fear of communists
    red scare
  21. why did farmers have economic troubles in 1920
  22. farmers became what after leaving their farms
    migrant workers
  23. made by Roosevelt & Hoover to provide jobs
    Public Works Programs
  24. advised FDR on economic issues
    Brain Trust
  25. held by workers for more pay
    sit-down strikes
  26. homeless people named their shack villages
  27. criticized the New Deal & called for tax on rich
    Huey Long
  28. Uncle Tom's Children by
    Richard Right
  29. blamed by many for Great Depression
    Herbert Hoover
  30. toured country as eyes & ears of FDR
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  31. first woman Cabinet member
    Francis Perkins
  32. before Great Depression, this group faced economic hard times
  33. provided boos to organized labor
    Wagner Act
  34. talks between unions & managers was an example of
    collective bargaining
  35. many opposed this because it interfered with economy
    the New Deal
  36. what did the Civilian Conservations Corps (CCC) & WPA do
    gave jobs to unemployed
  37. made of World War 1 veterans
    Bonus Army
  38. one of the most immediate effect of the Great Depression besides stock market crash
    banks fail
  39. how did stock market crash hurt Americans
    stocks become worthless
  40. caused the Dust Bowl
    drought, overgrazing, over-plowing
  41. result of this ended policy of destroying Indian religions
    Indian New Deal
  42. how Americans found escape during hard times
    going to the movies
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Ch. 28-29 Review for Test
Ch. 28-29 Review for Test