isom 1380 cases

  1. impact of innovation on society
    • twitter(benefits)
    • genetic testing case(challenges)
  2. adoption of innovation by society
    • Segway case
    • Google Driverless Cars
  3. the role of dominant design in innovation adoption
    Blu-ray VS HDDVD
  4. Providing the incentive to innovate by protection
    Tamiflu case-government break intellectual property protection for the greater good of society
  5. the role of government in promoting innovation
    google book case
  6. eink-challenges in initial stage of innovation evolution
    • R&D uncertainty regarding customer's need and value-added by the new technology
    • money is tight, causing firms to grab the low-hanging, eg. focus on selling retail signs instead of radio paper
  7. eink-challenges in growth stage of innovation evolution
    • collaboration with other companies, esp those developing complementary tech
    • choose between developing tech, which can be licensed or final product
    • start to face more competition
  8. eink-challenges in stagnant stage of innovation evolution
    • choose between switching to new tech or keep manufacturing at low cost
    • fierce competition
  9. takeaway for twitter case
    society has a role in shaping how twitter is used, which in turn has profound impact on how we live
  10. twitter-benefits to society
    • easy information access, eg. used during the Arab Revolution
    • quick info flow allow instant news reporting, eg. the first report of Sichuan earthquake was on twitter
    • government use it to promote transparency and direct communication with their constituencies
    • education, eg. University of Vienna uses Twitter to collect student feedback on courses 
    • politics, eg. campaigning and clarification on policy
  11. twitter-benefits to companies
    • promotion, eg. spread news about new product or latest prodcut development on Twitter
    • look for trends and customer feedback,eg. Apple gather product information about iPad by analyzing the tweets; learn about the competitive landscape;
    • marketing, eg. Dell offered discounts to its twitter followers; learn about the conversation dominators and leverage the power of their words for marketing
    • PR and CSR
  12. segway-factos impacting its adoption-product factors
    • product value-prefer walking for short trips and not fast enough for long trips
    • high pricing 
    • learning cost; scary to use
    • technical challenges,eg. battery issue
  13. segway-factos impacting its adoption-social factors
    • regulations-restrictions on where it can be ridden
    • peep perception-cool/uncool
  14. Roger's 5 factors and elab
    • relative advantage-how improved it is over previous generations
    • compatability(extent to which an innovation can be assimilated into a person's life)
    • complexity or simplicity
    • trialability-if a user is able to test the innovation, he is more likely to adopt it
    • observability-more visible, drive communication among the person's peers, in turn generate more positive/negative reactions
  15. genetic testing-pros
    • identify people with high risk of certain disease, eg. cardiovascular disease and start early prevention
    • used by doctors to clarify a diagnosis
    • allow families to avoid children with devastating diseases
  16. genetic testing-cons
    • unregulated discrimination towards those identified as people with high risk of disease in purchasing health insurance and employment
    • potentially ruin the health insurance industry; only people with health risk will purchase health insurance and insurance company can no longer pool risk
  17. Blu-ray VS HDDVD-the cost of having two format is two high, what exactly are the cost
    • retailers:have to store both formats for every blockbusters
    • content creators: movie producers have to release movies in both format
    • consumers: have to worry about which format to invest in, delay adoption
  18. Blu-ray VS HDDVD-under what conditions does the 'winner-take-all'?
    • similar consumer taste
    • cost of having both formats is two high
    • network externality becomes significant and the relevant tech is perceived to have higher value
  19. Blu-ray VS HDDVD-what factors determines people's choice of dominant design?
    • number of other consumers who have adopted
    • number of movie producers who are promoting one format
    • number of retailers who are supporting and stocking one format
    • technical comparisons of formats
    • advertising
  20. tamiflu-should the government break the patents of pharmaceutical companies-yes
    • save human lives
    • companies should consider it as corporate social responsiblity
    • if production capacity cannot meet the demand, the company should license it to other companies
  21. tamiflu-should the government break the patents of pharmaceutical companies-governemnt should pay full compensation and not force them to sell
    • weakening patent system; patent breaking becomes frivolous
    • hurt innovation; if companies are forced to sell at a lower price, next time it may decide not to develop a drug that is used in a pandemic, end up killing more lives
  22. tamiflu-how governments broke patent agreement in bird flu crisis
    • under public pressure, Taiwan government set priority to protect the public
    • Roche enters sublicensing agreement under pressure from China government
    • US: urge Roche to license production to other companies
    • EU: stockpiling of drugs
  23. tamiflu-other examples of how government dishonors patent rights
    • granting compulsory patent-in India, the government required Natco Pharma to provide the cancer drug to those in need at low price
    • Brazil over-rides Merck’s AIDS drug patent, after the company offers to sell the drug at 30% discount
  24. solyndra-argument for state-sponsored approach
    • some innovations are not economically viable at the beginning and need financing from state
    • state can promote certain companies/industries that are in line with the state's strategic plan, eg. China sponsored innovation in wind and solar energy; EU grant subsidies to Airbus
  25. solyndra-argument for free-market approach
    • government can make bad decisions in granting subsidies and lead to disastrous results; eg. us government granted subsidies to corn based ethanol development to reduce our dependence on carbon a result there were food shortage, more global warming as the amazon rainforest was cleared to grow corn
    • not fair to competing companies; eg. not fair to AMD if government support Intel, nor is it fair to solar energy if government support wind energy
  26. google books-why is google doing this
    • leverage on google's core competence: search engine
    • sell more Ads
    • penetrate book market and incorporate the book service into Google Play
  27. google books-benefits
    • easier access and easy purchasing
    • lower cost of books
    • lesser known books can be found by searching keywords
    • preserve reliable knowledge
    • environmental friendly
    • authors can get compensated and gain another method of selling their works
  28. google books-downsides
    • weakening of copyright system because google didn't ask permission from authors before digitizing and posting their works
    • being the most powerful search engine, monopolize the service and able to raise price without competitors keeping it in check
    • hurt booksellers and distributors
  29. google books-how to strike a balance
    • revenue sharing between Google and the copyright holders
    • authors should be given the right to opt-out of this online library
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